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The beginning of a whirlwind near Nowy Targ

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A condensation funnel formed on Sunday afternoon near Nowy Targ (Lesser Poland Voivodeship). A menacing-looking phenomenon also appeared the day before, also in the area of ​​this city.

There are thunderstorms in parts of the country on Sunday. The phenomena are weak, sometimes moderate. They are accompanied by rainfall and stronger gusts of wind. It thundered among others in Lower Silesia, Pomerania, Western Pomerania, Kuyavia, Opole, Wielkopolska and Lesser Poland.

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Whirlwind germ

A condensation funnel, i.e. the beginning of a whirlwind, appeared on Sunday near Nowy Targ. The dangerous-looking phenomenon was formed after 1 p.m. The author of one of the photos – Mrs. Dorota – wrote that a moment after the emergence of the whirlwind “intensive rain fell”.

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According to weather forecaster tvnmeteo.pl Damian Zdonek, on Sunday there are conditions conducive to the occurrence of this phenomenon, because there is quite high humidity.

A condensation funnel appeared near Nowy TargDorota Reinisz – Violin

The day before, on Saturday, a condensation funnel also appeared in Nowy Targ. Polish Storm Hunters reported on social media that “the condensation funnel could have been in contact with the ground”, so a whirlwind could have formed.

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How is a condensation funnel made?

A condensation funnel is formed when there are strong updrafts in the cloud. Typically, at a certain height, wind shear occurs and this current begins to twist. At some point, it begins to spin, and water vapor begins to condense in it.

If the updrafts in the cloud are strongly developed and the rotating column touches the ground, a whirlwind can form.

The beginning of a whirlwind near Nowy TargReni Ferek

Main photo source: Dorota Reinisz – Violin

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