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The PO wins the electoral trial. Poland 2050 expects changes in the organization of the referendum

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Poland 2050 proposes to separate the collection of electoral and referendum ballots, so that participation or resignation from participation in the referendum would not be associated with a public declaration. It’s about the secrecy of the elections – says Szymon Hołownia’s party.

This is the first electoral trial and a success for the Civic Coalition. It’s about a PiS spot where one of the people said that during Donald Tusk’s rule, unemployment was 15 percent. It’s not that the person wearing the construction worker’s costume is actually an employee of the Republika television, but it’s about the given untruth. – Unemployment was above 14 percent for only three months. In the remaining period, unemployment was significantly lower. It never reached 15 percent – explained Jacek Tyszka, a judge of the District Court in Warsaw.

They will lie until the very end, and then they will stand trial – comments Donald Tusk. PiS politicians – annoyed – repeat their opinion that they were generally right. – It was a certain semantic generalization – explained Rafał Bochenek. – This is a nuance, whether it reached 14.4, or reached otherwise – argued Paweł Szefernaker, Deputy Minister of the Interior and Administration. Nuances are important. The opposition is wondering whether PiS will overstate its electoral result by only a few percent. – Unfortunately, we do not expect good, honest plays from PiS. They are famous for such fouling, said PO MP Robert Kropiwnicki.

What about the referendum?

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The third way made a number of reservations to the PKW regarding the referendum, which is to be held simultaneously with the elections. – We expect the State Election Commission to take the floor. It will cease to be a state body that is silent – explains Michał Kobosko from Poland 2050.

The point is, among other things, that one of the parties (PiS) encourages participation in the referendum, and the other (for example, Donald Tusk) discourages participation. If so, the very decision to refuse to collect the ballot paper in the referendum can be considered as supporting the opposition. The situation is the same the other way around. Taking a card can stigmatize a PiS supporter where PiS has little support. There is no way to do it now, we hear. – The relevant provisions regarding the referendum could be appealed to the Constitutional Tribunal, but in Poland this remedy has not worked for a long time – claims former ombudsman Adam Bodnar.

– We will carefully observe what the National Electoral Commission will propose in this matter – announced Krzysztof Kwiatkowski from the Circle of Independent Senators. A government spokesman considered this to be a nit-picking. – You strongly urge that this referendum be non-binding, that it hurts the eyes and the head hurts – believes Piotr Müller, the government’s spokesman. The Prime Minister says that it is not PiS’s fault, because the referendum, together with the elections, was invented by the SLD during the rule of Leszek Miller. It’s just that under Leszek Miller we decided to join the EU, but not together with the elections and without a number of doubts. For example – how to count votes from foreign committees. If foreign votes are to be counted in 24 hours – votes cast in elections and referendums – this is simply not feasible, as the opposition alarms.

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