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The pre-campaign is also going on online. “It will be a historic election”

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The pre-campaign also takes place online – voters are also sought there. Shaking the voter’s hand is valuable for a politician, but a film message on the Internet can also collect electoral points. Positive or negative.

Touring the country, shaking hands and talking is the basis of any election campaign. It’s just that today – almost immediately and almost after each visit – photos and recordings are uploaded by staff officers of all parties to the Internet, where every voter can see them. Donald Tusk has recently posted a spot on the Internet in which he answers a few selected questions. The video of the PO chairman was answered by Radosław Fogiel from PiS, who in the video he recorded asked Donald Tusk a question about his pension.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also regularly publishes recordings about Donald Tusk. – It humiliates me, as a Pole, that the Polish prime minister deals with such things. He gives himself the worst possible testimony, performs gigantic manipulations – comments Sławomir Nitras of the Civic Platform.

A sword from the “times of Mieszko I” for Father Rydzyk. “People paid for this sword in electricity bills”Jan Piotrowski/Fakty po Poludnie TVN24

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Internet scuffles

For months, each of the parties has had special staffs dealing exclusively with the campaign on the Internet. They are people from social media, from tracking trends and using tools that politicians can use to reach very specific voters. Here, however, as the opposition emphasizes, PiS has an advantage because it uses the prime minister’s office and government funds for the campaign. This will be a historic election. The rushing, greedy machine of power stands against the democrats, announces Barbara Nowacka from Inicjatywa Polska.

There are also recordings that politicians have to remove after harsh criticism. This was the case with the Minister of Agriculture and his Fire Extinguisher video. The recording from the account disappeared, but the disgust remained.

There are also videos on the web featuring Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz and Szymon Hołownia together. However, they may soon expire, because although the leaders are still negotiating, in unofficial talks it is increasingly heard that they can go to the elections separately. Donald Tusk expressed his opinion on this subject in an online entry, which was accompanied by a photo with his granddaughter.

“My little Kashubian princess believes that it is best to follow one common path. Hand in hand with my grandfather,” wrote the former prime minister.

The final decision of the People’s Party will be announced on Saturday.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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