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The weather in Bangladesh has no mercy. People took to the streets

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The situation became so tense that many people decided to pray for rain. Politicians, among others, encourage this.

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Bangladesh is waiting for rain

On Wednesday thousands of Bangui people prayed on the city streets for rain. The faithful gathered in mosques and in the fields. About a thousand people prayed in the center of the country's capital, Dhaka.

As the prayer leader Muhammad Abu Yusuf said, praying for rain is part of the tradition, and in the current situation it is needed:

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Due to lack of rain, life became unbearable. Poor people suffer immensely, Abu Yusuf added.

Similar gatherings took place not only in the capital, but also in many other cities of the country. The largest Islamic party, Jamaat-e-Islami, in a special statement called on its members to join prayers scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

Record heat in Bangladesh

According to the local weather service, Dhaka had an average daytime temperature last week 4-5 degrees Celsius higher than the long-term norm for this period. Thermometers showed values ​​reaching up to 42 degrees C.

– April is usually in Bangladesh the warmest month. But This April is one of the hottest since the country gained independence [w 1971 roku – red.] – said meteorologist Tariful Newaz Kabir from the Meteorological Department Bangladesh (BMD).

Due to the intense heat and concerns for the safety of students, the Ministry of Education ordered last week closure of all state primary schools in Bangladesh. Thousands of branches across the country are closed. The order is to remain in force until April 27.

As Tariful Newaz Kabir told AFP, according to forecasts high temperatures are expected to persist in this country until the end of the month.

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