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They entered the bank and threatened him with a water gun. A “joke” may have serious consequences

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They burst into a bank in Gdańsk with a water gun and threatened that it was a robbery. After a while, however, they added that it was a joke, but it became serious when real policemen intervened. The consequences will also be serious, including a fine or even arrest. According to the services, such “jokes” are happening more and more often.

Two men entered a bank in the center of Gdańsk. They started out like regular customers, but one of them decided to play a trick and pulled out a plastic water gun.

– He pointed a toy gun at one of the employees and then said it was a robbery. Of course, after a while he added that it was a joke, but the attack procedure had already been initiated – says Asp. pcs. Mariusz Chrzanowski from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Gdańsk.

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The men left the bank, but they didn't get far because after a few minutes they were lying on the sidewalk. They were handcuffed and taken to the police station, where they explained their “joke”. The consequences may not be very funny. A fine or even arrest may result.

– Places such as a bank or an airport are not places for this type of jokes – emphasizes Chrzanowski

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“She said she had bombs and drugs in her luggage.”

A similar event took place at the Poznań airport during the check-in of passengers departing for London. – (The man – editor's note) said he had grenades in his luggage. Officers of the Border Guard Special Intervention Team were immediately on site and checked the man's luggage in detail, reports Major Andrzej Jóźwiak from the Border Guard Headquarters.

There was nothing suspicious in the man's luggage, but it was not without consequences. – The 32-year-old received a fine of PLN 300, and the captain of the plane decided not to let him board – says Jóźwiak.

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Generally, passengers know the “rules of the game”, but such “jokes” sometimes happen. – A 54-year-old resident of Warsaw said during check-in that she had bombs and drugs in her luggage – says Jóźwiak. The woman was flying to Egypt for a vacation. However, the journey ended in Warsaw. The lady also received a fine of PLN 500.

Main photo source: KMP in Gdańsk

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