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Thursday was the last day to add yourself to the voter roll or download a certificate

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This is the last day to download a certificate of voting rights or add yourself to the voter roll. The interest is record-breaking. There are so many people interested that queues are forming in some offices. Those who want to be added to the electoral roll also come. Although you can do it online, there are those who prefer to submit the application in person. If we lose the certificate of voting rights or do not have it with us on election day, we will not vote.

There is no longer anything to wait for. These are the last hours if we want to vote outside our registered office on Sunday. Residents who wanted to collect a certificate of voting rights in Łódź had to be patient. Due to the power outage, officials started work with a 40-minute delay. – Yesterday the blackout started at 7 p.m. We didn’t manage to serve the first customers from the very morning – says Grzegorz Szatiło from the Department of Civil Affairs and Communication of the City of Łódź Office. There were plenty of people who left it until the last minute.

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In Łódź or Gdańsk, residents have a chance to submit an application for a certificate until 6 p.m. As Grzegorz Szatiło announced, the office will continue to work until it issues these certificates. However, it is worth remembering that not all offices have extended their working hours. The certificate with a hologram is a pass to vote anywhere in the country or abroad, and even at sea, on a Polish ship. – You must have this certificate with you on election day, do not lose it, and return it to the committee – emphasizes Grzegorz Szatiło.

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Voting outside your place of residence – how to apply

Record interest

After the offices close, you have until midnight to add yourself to the voter roll online. Using a trusted profile or the mObywatel application, we can change the voting place once. – After logging in, we will be able to choose the address where we will be on the day of voting, and the system will assign us to the appropriate committee for this address – notes Rafał Miszczuk from the City Hall in Szczecin.

The latest data from the Ministry of Digitization show that almost one million applications to change the voting place were submitted and over 400,000 certificates were downloaded. The National Electoral Commission will provide the final data on Friday, but officials are already talking about records. – In no year have we observed such involvement of voters with electoral issues – admits Grzegorz Szatiło. – When it comes to issuing certificates as well as being added to the electoral rolls, we have noticed a significant increase – adds Marcin Januchta, press spokesman for the Kielce City Hall.

This year, more than three times as many people downloaded a certificate of voting rights or added themselves to the voter roll than before the 2019 parliamentary elections.

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