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Tychy. He started a fight at the bank, beat up the policemen and tried to escape

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A 46-year-old citizen of Tychy, who started a fight in one of the banks in Oświęcim (Lesser Poland Voivodeship), will spend three months in custody. According to the police report, the man hit the intervening policemen. One of them suffered a jaw injury.

On Monday morning, the security of one of the banks alerted the police that one of the customers was aggressive. When asked to leave, he started a fight. He was led out. A patrol went to the spot. The man, while checking his ID, hit the officers and then tried to run away. A 46-year-old resident of Tychy was quickly overpowered and detained.

The policemen were taken to the hospital. One of them suffered a jaw injury and was hospitalized. The second one left the facility after the tests.

He heard the charges, he was arrested

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“The man refused to testify. For now, it is not known why he was so aggressive towards both security personnel and police officers. At the time of his arrest, he was sober. His blood was taken for drug testing,” said Jurecka.

The spokeswoman informed that on Wednesday morning the Tychy citizen was brought to the prosecutor’s office. He heard allegations of violating the bodily integrity of public officials and bodily harm. Shortly afterwards, the Oświęcim district court decided to place the attacker in pre-trial detention for three months. He’s already behind bars.

“A violation of the inviolability of an officer is punishable by up to three years in prison, and for bodily harm up to five years behind bars” – said Jurecka.

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