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Ukraine. Explosion in occupied Enerhodar. “The building houses a torture chamber”

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An explosion took place in the occupied town of Enerhodar in the Zaporizhia region, the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, said. As he reported, it took place in the building where the torture chamber is located, where civilians are detained. According to Ukrainian military intelligence, the explosion occurred during a meeting of the Russian police and many of its officers were injured.

On Friday, Ivan Fedorov announced in an entry on the Telegram channel that the explosion took place in the occupied Enerhodar building at 17 Budiwelnykiw Street. The mayor of Melitopol reminded that before the armed invasion, the police stationed in this place, later the premises were taken over by the Russian special services. He said that currently the building also houses a torture chamber where civilians are kept.

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The building in Enerhodar where the explosion took place Ivan Fedorov/Telegram

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Russian police briefing

Information about the explosion in Enerhodar was also provided by Ukrainian military intelligence. As reported, it took place during a meeting of the Russian police and many officers of this occupation formation were injured.

“The head of the municipal department, a colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, suffered numerous wounds Russia Pawel Chesanov from the Chuvash Republic,” the intelligence service reported. Among the wounded are also Chesanov’s deputy for operational work and several heads of departments. The Ukrainian services reported that they were urgently transported to the local hospital, and then to Melitopol, from where they will be transported by military helicopter to Russia.

The intelligence communiqué added that in the building where the meeting was held, a fire spread to the upper floors as a result of the explosion. The surrounding streets were blocked off, and the occupation authorities restricted the passage of civilians throughout the city. Internet has been completely shut down in the city.

Under Russian occupation

The southern part of the Zaporizhia Oblast, including the cities of Enerhodar and Melitopol, has been controlled by Russian troops since February/March 2022, i.e. since the beginning of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Main photo source: Ivan Fedorov/Telegram

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