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Ukraine. The most important events of the last hours – May 8, 2024

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805 days ago, Russia's invasion of Ukraine began. Russia carried out attacks on Kiev and Lviv, alarms rang out in Ukraine, and the Polish army scrambled fighter planes. As a result of the Ukrainian missile attack on the fuel base in Luhansk, fuel tanks burst into flames. Nearby houses were damaged and people were injured, media reports. We summarize what has happened in recent hours in and around Ukraine.

> Russia carried out missile attacks on Kyiv and Lviv. Air defense systems have been activated, the Ukrainian military announced. The Russians' target was to be energy infrastructure facilities – writes Reuters. There are no reports of any possible casualties yet. The Polish army picked up fighters due to the high activity of aviation of the Russian Federation.

Effects of the attack on Kyiv (25/03/2024)t.me/dsns_telegram

> If Poland helped Ukraine protect at least part of the airspace in the west of the country, it would increase our effectiveness in repelling Russian attacks. Thanks to this, we could move our resources to more needed places, said Illa Yewłash, spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, on Tuesday.

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> As a result of the Ukrainian missile attack on the fuel base in Luhansk, at least five people were injured. Fuel tanks burst into flames. Nearby houses were damaged, media reports. Energy infrastructure was also damaged, including a high-pressure gas pipeline.

The Ukrainian army announced the destruction of Russian fuel depots in Luhanskt.me/AFUSTRATCOM

> In Russia, even those prisoners recruited for the war with Ukraine who were previously convicted of pedophilia can count on pardon. One of such people recently received a medal for participating in the invasion, the Ukrainian government military website of the Center for National Opposition reported.

> Approximately 50 North Korean-made ballistic missiles were used by Russian troops against Ukraine between the end of December 2023 and the end of February this year. Half of these rockets exploded in the air and did not reach their target, announced the general prosecutor's office in Kiev.

> The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained five people who, acting for the Federal Security Service of Russia, they planned to assassinate the president Volodymyr Zelensky. Among those arrested are two colonels of the UDO, the Ukrainian security service for top officials.

Ukraine, soldiers PAP/UKRINFORM

Main photo source: t.me/dsns_telegram

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