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USA. A 79-year-old man allegedly shot his neighbor dead because he was using a leaf blower

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A 79-year-old Illinois resident is suspected of fatally shooting a neighbor who was using a leaf blower near his property, local police said. Investigators said the man had previously argued with the victim and threatened her with a gun.

The incident took place on April 12 in Antioch. According to the New York Post, William Martys, 59, was using a leaf blower in his backyard that evening. When he approached a neighboring property, he got into an argument with the 79-year-old who lived there. During the altercation, the older man allegedly shot his neighbor in the head, the local sheriff’s office said. Police also said officers arrived at the scene to find Martys “unconscious and bleeding”. The man was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The suspect is currently in custody and has already been charged with first-degree murder.

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Illinois. The tragic finale of the dispute between neighbors

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As we read in the New York Post article, investigators determined that the detainee had previously had “various grievances against Martys.” The police also heard that the 79-year-old was arguing with several other people living in the area. A neighbor of the man, quoted by ABC7 Chicago, said that he had pointed a firearm at Martys at least once in the past. – Nobody deserves this. It’s sick that someone can explode like that during a trivial argument that can be ended with a conversation – noted the neighbor.

In Martys’s obituary published on the Internet, it was reported that the 59-year-old worked on a construction site on a daily basis, was the father of four children and his beloved granddaughter. “He tried to be happy while making sure the people around him were happy too. If you were William’s friend, whatever the circumstances, you were guaranteed his lifelong friendship. He didn’t hate a lot of things. He only hated stupid people who couldn’t open their eyes. minds to new things,” the obituary read.

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New York Post, ABC7 Chicago

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