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USA. Florida. Boa constrictor found in hand luggage at Tampa airport. The snake was over a meter long

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Tampa Airport staff found a boa constrictor during a security check. The snake, hidden in hand luggage, was more than a meter long, local authorities said on Friday.

A curled-up boa constrictor was detected as luggage passed through an X-ray machine during security screening, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said in a statement.

In a photo shared by the agency on social media, the reptile is seen lying near a pair of shoes and what appeared to be a laptop.

Boa constrictor in luggage

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“Tampa International Airport staff didn’t find it hisssssterical!” the agency tweeted. Pets are routinely X-rayed, she added, but should never be placed in an X-ray machine. It is up to the airline whether or not they will allow pets on board.

Boa constrictor in luggageTransportation Security Administration/Instagram

Boa constrictor

Boa constrictor (boa constrictor) belongs to the constrictor family, is one of the representatives of the boa subfamily. It can measure, depending on the subspecies and population, up to 3-4 meters. These snakes are found throughout much of Central and South America, from northern Mexico to central Argentina.

Main photo source: Transportation Security Administration/Instagram

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