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USA. Former intelligence employee sentenced. He tried to cooperate with Russia

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According to the prosecutor's office, Dalke, now 32, contacted by e-mail in 2022 a person who he assumed worked for the Russian government. In these conversations he explained that to disclosure of state secrets prompted him, among others “the desire to bring about change” and “balance the situation in the world” – we read on CNN.

USA. The intelligence worker was allegedly cooperating with Russia. In exchange for money

The former NSA employee admitted that he was in debt. As proof of his willingness to continue cooperation, Dalke sent the alleged Russian agent fragments of documents in his possession and declared that he would disclose all information in exchange for a remuneration of PLN 85,000. dollars.

The materials he shared included sensitive data on US defense capabilities, a threat assessment for one of the third countries and information about the US encryption program, CNN reported.

He tried to cooperate with Russia. He fell into the hands of the secret services

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As added, in September 2023, the officer FBI he instructed Dalke to go to the Denver train station and send the remaining documents in his possession using a secure communication channel. The man complied and moments later he was arrested by the FBI.

“The defendant, who took an oath to defend our country, he believed he was selling classified information regarding national security to a Russian agent, when in fact he revealed himself to the US secret services,” US Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement on Monday.

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