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USA. They stole an ATM with a forklift. They lost him in the middle of the road – recording

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With the help of a forklift and a pickup truck, two thieves in the city of Sacramento tried to steal an ATM. However, the robbery did not go according to plan – although they managed to take the ATM, soon after they lost it in the middle of the road. A daring theft attempt was recorded by a surveillance camera.

The incident took place on August 2 in the northern part of the city of Sacramento, California. According to information provided by the local sheriff’s office, around At 6:15 a.m., two people attempted to use a forklift and a white pickup truck to steal an ATM located on Watt Avenue. As you can see in the shared recording from the theft scene, first the forklift driver pushes the device so that it falls to the ground. He then tries to pick them up and load them onto the trunk of a pickup truck, but only succeeds after several attempts and partially destroying the ATM. Then the white pickup truck drives off with the loot, and the forklift operator runs away.

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Bank robbery failed

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However, the daring theft under the watchful eye of surveillance cameras was ultimately unsuccessful. As the police reported, the escape of the thieves with the ATM did not take long, because it soon slid from the trunk of the car into the middle of the road, causing additional damage. traffic accident. Both perpetrators escaped and are currently wanted by the police. How they gained access to the forklift earlier is also under investigation.

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Sacramento Sheriff, Enex, Fox 35

Main photo source: Enex

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