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USA. Tucker Carlson announces interview with Putin. It caused outrage

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Tucker Carlson said on social media that he will interview Russian President Vladimir Putin “soon.” The announcement by the controversial American journalist was met with reaction from the world media, which recalled Carlson’s pro-Russian statements.

Photos showing Tucker Carlson in several locations in Moscow, published by Russian media on Monday, fueled speculation that the American could be the first Western journalist to interview Vladimir Putin since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov When asked by reporters whether Carlson had visited the Russian administration building in central Moscow, he declined to comment.

On Tuesday, Carlson posted a video from the Russian capital on X (formerly Twitter), confirming that he would interview Putin “soon.” He added that he wants Americans to learn “as much as possible” about Russia’s perspective on the war with Ukraine that has been going on for almost two years.

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Tucker Carlson in Moscow

The journalist’s announcement received wide coverage in the world media. “Tucker Carlson has been a declared defender of Putin since the beginning of the war (in Ukraine – ed.)” – writes the BBC website on Wednesday, adding that shortly before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Carlson stated that “hatred of Putin has become the main goal of American foreign policy.” . According to the website of the American station CBS News, “Russian state media often publish excerpts (statements – editor’s note) of Carlson to undermine the credibility of American institutions and leaders.”


“Is Tucker Carlson visiting Moscow to give Putin support at a time when he needs it?” – George Monastiriakos wonders in “Kyiv Post”. And it reminds us of the recent one protest by the wives of soldiers drafted to war by the Putin regime. He also quotes the director’s words CIA Bill Burns, who stated that the invasion of Ukraine had paralyzed the Russian economy and caused an increase in debt to China and helped the United States recruit spies.

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After Carlson’s Tuesday announcement, journalists are paying particular attention to a fragment of the recording from Moscow in which the journalist said that in the last two years “no Western journalist has bothered to interview” Putin. Oliver Darcy responded to this statement in a text for CNN, writing that the Russian president “refused” journalists. “A fact that should make it even more obvious why it was Carlson who was welcomed into the Kremlin palace while others were refused,” Darcy added. In turn, BBC journalist Steve Rosenberg wrote that the British public broadcaster “has submitted a number of requests” to the Kremlin for an interview over the last 18 months. “We always received a negative answer,” Rosenberg noted.

As CNN reminds, Putin not only refuses to contact the free press, but has been waging war on the media for the past two years, putting journalists in prison, punishing technology companies for spreading – as he claimed – “false” information about the invasion of Ukraine, and strengthening censorship .


Tucker Carlson – who is he?

Tucker Carlson is a conservative journalist. In the years 2009-2023, he was associated with the American station Fox News, where he hosted the Tucker Carlson Tonight program. Due to his statements, Carlson is accused of racism, sexism and spreading conspiracy theories. In April 2023, Fox News announced the end of cooperation with the journalist. The reason was not given. Less than a week earlier, however, Fox News agreed as part of a lawsuit settlement to pay $787.5 million to voting machine maker Dominion Voting Systems for lies. delivered, among others, on Carlson’s program about alleged electoral fraud involving DVS.

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