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USA. Two people died, 41 people were poisoned. They ate “special rolls” of sushi at one of the restaurants in Montana

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Two people are dead, at least 41 have symptoms of food poisoning, in some cases severe. They were all customers of a sushi restaurant in Montana. A “special roll” with mushrooms imported from China is suspected. Health authorities are still trying to confirm the cause of the poisoning.

According to local media, the deaths of a 64-year-old woman and a 74-year-old man may be related to their visit to a restaurant on April 17, where they were both supposed to eat a “special roll” of sushi. It contained salmon and mushrooms – morels. According to the Independent, at least 41 other people were poisoned after eating at the restaurant. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Montana Department of Public Health and Public Services (DPHHS) launched an investigation into the matter.

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Lawsuit against restaurant over death after eating sushi

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The woman visited the restaurant on April 17. According to the report of the local station 7KBZK, she went there for lunch. An hour later, she collapsed at home and was rushed to the hospital. She suffered cardiac arrest and organ failure. She died on April 29, 13 days after visiting the restaurant. On May 9, the husband of the 64-year-old filed a lawsuit in connection with the death of his wife. In turn, according to the media, in the case of a 74-year-old man, it is known that he died the day after eating a meal at the premises.

As the Independent writes, after the restaurant received numerous complaints from customers who suffered food poisoning, the restaurant closed on April 21. “We believe the common ingredient that may have been ingested was the FDA-approved, cultured mushrooms we used on Monday,” the statement said. According to the media, a total of at least 41 people were poisoned after eating sushi, of which – in addition to the already described dead – three were hospitalized.

So far, the investigation has established that the mushrooms the restaurant served came from China – were grown there, then delivered to a distributor in California and shipped to several states. However, no similar incidents have been reported elsewhere so far. Investigators are still trying to determine what exactly caused the poisoning. However, they admit that it may be impossible to identify the pathogen responsible. “So far, no toxic substance has been identified in them, and state and federal authorities are continuing to test samples,” the DPHHS and the Gallatin County Department of Health, where the restaurant is located, said in a May 3 release. Its representatives also cooperate with the services. She also extended her condolences to the families of those who died.

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