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Vaccinations against COVID-19. Interest in the next dose of vaccination is growing

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You can’t register, you can’t make a call – warn people willing to be vaccinated against COVID-19. There is now a new vaccine in Poland that is resistant to the new variant of the virus. Virologists strongly encourage vaccination. Why is it worth getting vaccinated even if in some places you have to wait a while for vaccination?

Poles went to vaccination points. Not everywhere received as many vaccines as ordered. For example, the “Medica” pharmacy in Szczecin had 200 patients on its schedule by the end of the week, but only received vaccines for 20. – I hope that this is only due to human error and that these vaccines will arrive tomorrow and that I will not have to cancel patient visits – says Joanna Urbańska, a pharmacist from the “Medica” pharmacy in Szczecin.

The interest in pharmacies and clinics is very high and no one would like to dampen patients’ enthusiasm for organizational reasons. – The number of new COVID-19 cases growing day by day gives patients and people something to think about and they start getting vaccinated – explains Dr. Jacek Kidoń, a pediatrician from the “Lecznicza” Municipal Clinic in Łódź.

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There is something to think about, because cases of coronavirus infections are increasing in Poland. Over 3,400 people were infected in the last 24 hours alone. 10 people died.

Maybe such a situation would not exist if the PiS government made sure that vaccinations – like in other European Union countries, except Hungary – started in September. – We, as a country, are not actually acting in any organized way against the pandemic. It was simply let loose and it will again result in unnecessary deaths and unnecessary serious complications – warns Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski, expert of the Supreme Medical Council on epidemic threats.

The authorities focused on maintaining power forgot about prevention. – Now we would be prepared. First of all, those who would become seriously ill would be prepared, i.e. older people, over 65 years of age, people with comorbidities and diabetes, emphasizes Dr. Joanna Jursa-Kulesza, an epidemiologist from the Independent Public Provincial Hospital in Szczecin.

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How to sign up?

According to experts, if tests were still in force, up to 100,000 new infections would be detected every day. Therefore, even at the last minute, it is worth doing everything possible to minimize losses.

Every patient over 12 years of age receives a referral for vaccination automatically. Everyone has to choose the place of vaccination, the date and the type of vaccine. There are two vaccines to choose from – mRNA and one protein. – mRNA must undergo this stage of processing into protein in the human body, while the protein vaccine is a finished product that we administer. It is, so to speak, a classic vaccine that we knew before the pandemic – explains Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski.

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You can sign up for a specific date via the Patient’s Online Account, at a POZ or pharmacy, and via e-registration and hotline 989. But be careful – the hotline will close on December 15, which may exclude primarily the oldest and disabled people from the queue for vaccinations. – These decisions were probably caused by something. Here I don’t want to say no. Nevertheless, this is a puzzling situation, which I also try to deal with as a spokesman – says Iwona Kania from the Ministry of Health.

The new government will have a chance to change the existing situation.

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