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Visegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Huge garbage stain on the lake. “It’s a real ecological disaster”

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is again facing the problem of garbage flowing into the Drinsko lake near Visegrad. As activists note, the pollution stain has been appearing regularly for 20 years and it is very difficult to get rid of it.

One of the lakes of Bosnia and Herzegovina looks like it breaks the hearts of people looking at it. A huge mass of plastic waste, such as bottles, appeared on the reservoir near Visegrad. But that’s not all, because Drinsko also emerges from refrigerators, stoves and tires. Pollutants are also washed ashore.

The waste comes mainly from the upper Drina river basin, which flows through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The lake was flooded after the last wave of rainfall and rising water levels.

Twenty years with a problem

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As noted by Dejan Furtula, an environmental activist, the accumulation of plastic in the river is a recurring problem.

We’ve been dealing with this problem for two decades. It is a real ecological catastrophe, he said.

Furtula also mentioned that the disposal of waste and broken wood is extremely difficult.

– It’s really all there. In addition to the fact that this is a serious problem for our health and the environment, we have not been able to solve it for so long, he said. As he added, this garbage stain turned Visegrad into a regional landfill.

According to Bosnian news portals, experts dealing with environmental issues note that the influx of garbage is the consequence of “complete ecological and human ignorance, as well as carelessness of the government, which apparently does not take these problems seriously enough.”

Main photo source: Reuters

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