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Voting away from home. What should you do to avoid losing your voting rights?

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Parliamentary elections are next month. The closer to the voting date, the longer the queues at offices for certificates that will allow you to vote outside your place of residence. Adrianna Otręba checked when and where to submit the application and what to do if we plan to travel on election day or do not yet know where we will go to the polls. Material from the “Poland and World” magazine.

Exactly a month before electionsthey want to dance and silently encourage people to vote – Inicjatywa Wschód organized a pro-turnout silent disco in front of the Sejm.

What if we are planning a trip on October 15 or we are not sure whether we will vote where we always do on that day? It’s worth thinking about it now. Mrs. Sylwia, a retiree, came to the district office for a certificate of voting rights – this document offers many possibilities. Similarly, Mr. Maciej – he also plans to vote outside his place of residence. Now you can collect your document without having to stand in long queues.

Application for a certificate of voting rights

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Officials also encourage us not to delay. – We are submitting an application for a certificate of voting rights by October 12 this year in any commune office throughout the country – says Jolanta Napłoszek from the Delegation of the Office of Administration and Civil Affairs of the Ursynów District Office in Warsaw.

The certificate allows you to take part in parliamentary elections in any place of your choice in the country or abroad. Such a document also applies to participation in the referendum.

– It is very important not to lose the certificate. If we lose the certificate of the right to vote, we will deprive ourselves of the vote, because the Electoral Code does not provide for the issuance of duplicate such certificates – warns the mayor of Szczecin’s representative for elections, Rafał Miszczuk.

The certificate is issued immediately. They can be collected in person or by a person authorized in writing. If we change our mind and still want to vote in our electoral commission, we don’t have to worry.

– If our plans change, you should take the certificate with you. By downloading the certificate, we are removed from this list, but when we come with the certificate, we can vote even in our home electoral commission – explains Tomasz Filipowicz, director of the Civil Affairs Department of the City Hall in Gdańsk.

Application to change the voting place

Mrs. Justyna came to the district office to submit another application – to change the voting place. Such an application is needed when we know specifically where we will be on October 15 and it will not be the place where we are registered or live permanently.

– We submit the application in one place, i.e. specifically at the commune office in the city or commune where we will be staying on election day. It can also be submitted electronically via the gov.pl platform, explains Łukasz Oryszczak from the Municipal Office in Gliwice.

An application to change the voting place must also be submitted by October 12.

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