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War in Ukraine. “It's real hell.” The Russians are attacking in several directions

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According to the latest front-line report prepared by the American Institute for War Studies, Russian officers decided to… a significant increase in the number of attacks in several directions at the same time. Thanks to this, the Russians are trying to find a weak point in the Ukrainian defense, which may not be able to stop the massive attack.

Only in the last hours, the following were recorded: attacks west of Avdiivka, near the town of Tonenke, where at least 12 BMPs and 36 tanks were sent to attack.

“There is an increase in Russian mechanized attacks throughout the area of ​​operations. Defense forces They repelled a large Russian attack towards Lymany. According to geolocation data, Ukrainian troops damaged or destroyed several Russian armored vehicles,” the report said.

War in Ukraine. The Russians storm Chasiv Yar. “They have large reserves”

For several days now, the heaviest fighting has been taking place near Czasiwy Yar, west of Bakhmut. The most numerous Russian units were thrown there They have already conquered the heights near the town.

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As revealed by the Ukrainian military officer Volodymyr Czernyak, an officer of the “Rubizh” brigade of the National Guard, the situation for the defenders is becoming more and more difficult.

They have orders: to take the city of Chasiv Yar. It was to this city that they directed their main efforts in the Bachmuk direction. The capture of Time's Deep will allow them to establish fire control over Konstatynówka, and partially even over Kramatorsk (…) But the Ukrainian troops do not leave their positions, almost all Russian assault operations do not end with full success, which means the Ukrainian troops manage to stop the attacks – he explained.

According to Czerniak, the situation may change from hour to hour, because Russian forces have been significantly strengthened and have a huge advantage in ammunition with which they can fire at the city.

– Let's hope that the situation will change in our favor in the near future. After all, the enemy's forces are not infinite, but the situation does not provide any positive forecasts for now. It's real hell in the Bachmuk direction. Only thanks to the heroism of our Defense Forces the enemy did not capture this settlement, he said.

– The tactics are similar to those they used in populated areas that they managed to capture earlier. First they warm up with air operations and barrel artillery, then they attack meat groups to tire out our troops, then other groups move in and start focusing on fire losses. They have large reserves, as soon as one group runs out, another comes to the rescue. The enemy has sufficient resources to conduct operations in this direction, he added.

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