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War in Ukraine. Resident of Belgorod: Russia has forgotten about us

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Belgorod it is the first Russian city to experience war – both missiles and drones fell on the agglomeration, attacks in the area were also launched by those fighting on the side of Ukraine and against Putin's dictatorship Russian saboteurs – recalls Valeria Bezrukova at the beginning of the text published by the Russian independent portal The Moscow Times.

The author mentions being brought up in the faith that “Ukrainians i RussiaNO they are brothers and neighbors”, trips to Kharkov, as well as the first moments after the outbreak of the war, when she was desperate. In contrast to the memories from her childhood, she mentions the figure of her sister, who has an application installed on her phone notifying about threat of fire. “She asks why no one can stop the shooting, but no one can answer her,” we read.

The war has reached Belgorod. “Russia forgot about us”

In the text we also read about the greatest price that the Russians from Belogorod are now paying. We are talking about the lost childhood of a generation, but above all, the lives lost in the conflict. Bezrukova also talks about life in Belogorod – the fear of death, explosions and anxiety that never goes away even for a moment.

According to Bezrukova, the war situation in Belgorod separated the city from the rest of Russia, because “it's hard to feel close to people who live completely differently than you.” “Residents of Belgorod began to mark posts on social networks with the hashtag 'Belgorod is Russia', trying desperately remind the authorities federal and residents of other regions about its existence,” says the native resident and describes that when it was celebrated in Moscow anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, people died in Belgorod.

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The war in Ukraine and Belgorod. Russian woman: Terrible indifference of the authorities

Author he also hits himself Vladimir Putin. He allegedly said that Russia would respond to Ukraine in the same way. “As if the shelling of Ukraine was not the first reason why Belgorod is under shelling,” he says, pointing to “terrible indifference” of the authorities. “I have become accustomed to the authorities treating me and the inhabitants of my city as ordinary people statisticsthat exist today and are gone tomorrow,” we read.

At the same time, a resident of Belgorod states that she felt that her city, as well as the entire country, were neglected before the war began. Bezrukova also writes about the sense of injustice and blaming the inhabitants of Belogorod for what Putin's army is doing.

“People literally they run away from the city, because you can't live in constant fear of death,” he sums up.

Source: The Moscow Times

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