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New Belarusian doctrine. Military people about the threat from Poland

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Last week All-Belarusian People's Congress accepted unanimously new security concept and military doctrine. An OSW analyst assessed that these documents, especially the military doctrine, have become “a formal reflection of anti-Western rhetoric.” Alexander Lukashenko and Minsk and the current geopolitical orientation of the Belarusian authorities.

– We already know the full public version of the military doctrine and the public part of the security concept. These documents confirm this trend that we have known for several years, especially since 2022, when Belarus supported Russian aggression against Ukraine, he said. Kamil Kłysiński.

According to him, the main focus should be on: military doctrinewhich is a more important document.

Belarus. Poland “the source of all evil”

A new feature is the indication of enemiesi.e. sources of threat. Poland has been mentionedthe Baltic countries, America, called the “Western curator”, Great Britain – said Kłysiński, adding that in the previous version of the doctrine Poland was not mentioned, “there was no such obvious indication”.

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– This is a full reflection of Lukashenko's narrative, his people, his propaganda. According to them Today, Poland is the source of all evil, military threats and provocations – he noticed.

– Contrary to what has been suggested, there is nothing in the doctrine about the use of tactical nuclear weapons (which Moscow deployed in Belarus). Because it is not a Belarusian weapon. It's one thing when Lukashenko lets his imagination run wild and threatens to press a button, and another thing when we're talking about a formal document. Moscow could protestthat Lukashenko usurps things that do not belong to him, the expert emphasized.

Russian propaganda media stated that “Belarus considers it possible providing military assistance to friendly countries on the basis of bilateral or multilateral agreements. They also emphasized that Belarus will consider the possible use of force against any of the members of the union state (Russia and Belarus) as an attack on one structure and will respond “using all the forces and means” at its disposal.

– There is a certain aberration in this document, which also reflects the rhetoric of Minsk. On the one hand, there is a growing story about the threat from the West, the atmosphere of war escalates. On the other hand, Lukashenko convinces himself and its citizens that Belarus will absolutely never attack anyone and is a peace-loving country – Kłysiński pointed out.

Belarus. “Lukashenko is a politician completely oriented towards Russia”

This narrative, as the analyst assessed, “is intended to serve shifting full responsibility for all problems in the region to the West“, creating an image of an external enemy that is supposed to consolidate society against Lukashenko.”

Amendment of Belarusian strategic documents it adapts what Minsk says and signals, what Lukashenko and Putin say together, and how they perceive the West. This brings the document to its current level of hostility and confrontational rhetoric – said Kłysiński.

He noted that the doctrine is a “national document”, therefore it does not address issues related to military cooperation with Russia, regulated primarily by contracts within the federal state. – In this context, it should be stated that The Belarusian army plays a subservient role towards the Russian army – he pointed out.

– If anyone in the West still had the illusion that… Alyaksandr Lukashenkoand will try to play some kind of game with the West, both the text of the military doctrine and his anti-Western statements preceding its adoption convinced the last unconvinced. Lukashenko is a politician completely oriented towards Russia, because he has to and because he wants to. This doctrine is such dotting the “i” of Alexander Lukashenko's pro-Russianism and its close cooperation with Russia – concluded Kłysiński.

New Belarusian doctrine. Military people about the threat from Poland

In the nearly 32-page document, a significant part is devoted to provisions regarding: alleged security threat from Western countries. The authors state, among other things, that: United States i Great Britain “they create pockets of tension in Europe” in which the authorities take an active part in Warsaw.

“Conditions are being created for independent implementation of ambitions, without relying on military potential NATO. The consequence of such steps is the increase in the aggressiveness of the government's policy Polish and the Baltic countries, shaping the image of their enemy from the Republic of Belarus to the advantage of their internal political interests,” it was written.

In the Belarusian military doctrine there is also room for well-known propaganda theses expressed, for example, by Alexander Lukashenkoregarding the militarization of our country and other countries of NATO's eastern flank. According to the authors of the document, the purpose of these actions is to join the war in Ukraine several countries of the Alliance.

“Intensive military preparations of Eastern European countries create a simultaneous threat conditions for their use in the proxy war of the collective West against the Republic of Belarus and allied countries. Armed conflict in Ukraineprovoked by the collective West, will create a source of tension near the borders of the Republic of Belarus in the near future,” it said.

“Its (Ukraine – ed.) continued support and obstruction of a peaceful solution creates conditions for escalation and gradually increasing the number of participants at the expense of Poland and other NATO countries” – added.

Belarusian Defense Doctrine. Poland's participation in the “color revolution”

Among the records relating to military activities, there are also descriptive fragments alleged threats to internal security and political order in Belarus. The regime authorities do not hide their fears of leading to a revolution and overthrowing Lukashenko's rule.

“Poland's claims to regional leadership and the confrontational policy of the Baltic countries determine the tendency for their open interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Belarus. Deliberate attempts are being made changing the constitutional system of the Republic of Belarus and bringing Western-controlled political forces to power by implementing “color revolution” scenarios. Failure to achieve the goals of these scenarios increases the likelihood of switching to brutal methods leading to internal armed conflict in the Republic of Belarus,” we read.

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