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Warsaw. A pale man was lying on the lawn at Grochowska Street. His breathing was irregular

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City guards from Praga-Południe received information about a man lying on the lawn. He was pale and breathing irregularly. An ambulance arrived. “High temperature can quickly cause overheating of the body” – they remind.

An alarming notification was received by the city guards from the 7th Regional Department at noon on July 10. “A man is lying on the lawn at Grochowska. He is pale and breathing irregularly” – it read. A patrol was sent to the indicated place.

Officers found the man lying on the lawn a few minutes later. He said he did not smell of alcohol and was not injured. Unfortunately, he was unable to provide his details. He was pale, sweaty, and spoke slurredly. At times he seemed to be getting drowsy, and his pulse was irregular and weak at times. City guards gave the man water, and when he drank, they moved him to a shaded place and called an ambulance, the Warsaw City Guard said in a statement.

The city guards helped the manWarsaw Municipal Police

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The man has no home

Before the ambulance arrived, the officers helped the man to remove the two sweatshirts and T-shirts he was wearing. Rescuers examined the man. They said he did not require hospitalization.

– During the examination, he said that he did not have a home. Shelter from the heat can be provided by a night shelter at Kupiecka Street, the city guard added. The man was taken there. On the spot, the uniformed personnel provided information about the indications of the rescuers.

City guards remind you that the heat is especially dangerous for the elderly, the sick and children. – High temperature can quickly cause overheating of the body. When we see a person in need of help – let’s react – they appeal.

Main photo source: Warsaw Municipal Police

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