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Warsaw. Completion of works in the royal library of the Wilanów Palace

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Conservation work on the vault of the royal library in the Wilanów Palace has been completed. Baroque carved decorations and a large-format tondo depicting the “Allegory of Theology” have undergone renovations.

For the last few months of last year, conservators worked on the renovation of sculptural decorations from the vault of the King Jan III Sobieski Library in the Wilanów Palace. A little earlier, a large tondo – “Allegory of Theology” and 14 medallions with images of scholars and artists were removed from the ceiling. They were moved to a painting studio and underwent comprehensive conservation. A few days ago, the museum boasted about the effect of these works on social media.

The most work on “Allegory of Theology”

“The old canvases on which the paintings were glued during the previous works were removed (the so-called duplication), new protections were made for the painting bases. After cleaning the surface, losses of the mortar and paint layers were revealed, which were supplemented. Now, thanks to the precisely made color reconstructions and the use of specialized paints The paintings catch the eye with fresh colors and clearer drawings. The details of the composition are also revealed” – describes the Museum of King Jan III Sobieski’s Palace in Wilanów.

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As the employees of the institution admit, the large-format tondo depicting “Allegory of Theology” by Claude Callot from around 1681 required the most work. The work was damaged in many places. as a result of former intensive cleaning of the surface, probably still in the 19th century. “Recognition of the scope of the original was a very responsible task. Invaluable help in the analysis of the state of preservation of the paintings were technological tests of paint layers and mortar, carried out in cooperation with laboratories with modern analytical equipment. In this way, the knowledge and experience of conservators were combined with the latest achievements of physical and chemical sciences and instrumental research” – emphasize the representatives of the museum.

Last renovation in the 1960s

In addition, as they indicate, four months of work was carried out to recover the original image of the decoration of the vault and facets. “Deprived of thick layers of non-original paint, the sculptures regained their precise forms. The brightened intricate frame revealed colorful images of thinkers and artists painted on canvas by several artists working under the supervision of the master Claude Callot” – describes the museum in Wilanów. And he emphasizes that the last such renovation was carried out in the 1960s.

The vault of the King’s Library is one of the oldest surviving elements of the authentic interior design of King John III Sobieski’s private rooms built in the years 1681-1696.

According to the Museum of King Jan III Sobieski’s Palace in Wilanów

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Main photo source: Elżbieta Modzelewska/Museum of King Jan III Sobieski’s Palace in Wilanów

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