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Warsaw. He attacked paramedics and demolished an ambulance

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A 30-year-old man attacked the Warsaw paramedics who were helping him on Thursday. He mauled them badly, and also destroyed the ambulance. The aggressor was detained by the police.

On Thursday before noon, a medical rescue team was called to the vicinity of the Arkadia shopping center to a 30-year-old man lying on the pavement. Paramedics took care of the patient.

He broke the side window, kicked the door

While they were helping him in the ambulance, the man, who was under the influence of alcohol and psychomotor agitation, attacked the rescuers with his fists and kicked them. He damaged a defibrillator and other medical devices. When they managed to push him out of the ambulance, he vented his anger by attacking the vehicle. He smashed the side window and kicked the door. Only the police patrol called to the place neutralized the aggressive man.

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Another ambulance arrived to help the beaten paramedics. They were taken to the hospital. – Rescuers suffered quite serious medical injuries, shoulder, arm and head injuries – said the director of the Provincial Ambulance and Sanitary Transport Station “Meditrans” Karol Bielski. He added that the injured rescuers, after examinations and observation, were released to their homes.

They estimated the loss at $20,000

Bielski informed that the police are already dealing with the matter. He emphasized that paramedics during a rescue operation are protected as public officials. He assured that the aggressive man would also be held responsible for the destruction of the ambulance equipment and the ambulance itself. – We estimate losses at about PLN 20,000 – he calculated.

The ambulance director pointed out that not only the rescuers, but also the ambulance will be excluded from helping those in need. It was a new ambulance, purchased two years ago.

Main photo source: TVN24

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