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Warsaw. He smashed an Alfa Romeo with a crowbar

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A young man vandalized a parked car with a crowbar. City guards who drove past the scene intervened. They overpowered the man and put him in handcuffs.

On Tuesday morning, city guards from the 2nd Regional Department patrolled Belgradzka Street. “When the officers drove past the pavilion offering oriental dishes, a man ran up to them and informed them that a young man was destroying an Alfa Romeo car parked there on Witold Małcużyński Street. The officers intervened,” the City Guard reported in a press release.

They saw a man with a crowbar in his hand. “The window on the driver’s side was broken in the car. Seeing the uniforms approaching, the vandal tried to escape, but he did not run far. The guards overpowered the man and put handcuffs on him. The perpetrator had a long knife in his belt, which was taken away and secured” – they added guards.

The arrested man was taken over by the police.

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Main photo source: Municipal Police

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