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Warsaw. Paid parking in Saska Kępa. List of streets to be renovated

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As many as 11 streets in Saska Kępa will undergo ad hoc renovations during this year's holidays, announced the director of the capital's Municipal Roads Authority, Łukasz Puchalski. Resurfacing and paving works are related to preparations for the introduction of a paid parking zone in this area.

The ZDM director talked about preparations for the introduction of the Paid Unguarded Parking Zone in Saska Kępa and Kamionek at the end of April. – A very large tender for the supply of parking meters is underway. This is currently one of the largest tenders in Europe, he said.

He recalled that the lease of parking meters in Warsaw ends this year. – As part of their replacement, we are trying to obtain parking meters for Saska Kępa and Kamionek. We want to complete all work this year so that the paid parking zone in these two areas will be fully operational at the beginning of next year, he explained.

The Municipal Roads Authority announced that new parking meters would appear on the streets of Warsaw in 1910. The devices will have an important convenience. They will be equipped with QR code readers. All the driver needs to do is scan the code from his phone (e.g. generated in a dedicated application) and his car's registration number will be filled in automatically. Moreover, thanks to QR readers, tickets purchased at parking meters can be extended in a similar way as today, using a mobile application.

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List of streets to be renovated

Puchalski also announced that as part of preparations for the introduction of the zone, work is planned on 11 streets in Saska Kępa. – We will carry out the work during the holidays – noted the director of ZDM.

The list of streets to be renovated includes: Walenych, Gruzińska, Lipska, Estonska, Katowicka, Finlandzka, two sections of Obrońców, Królowej Aldony, Niekłańska and Holenderska streets. The works will include surface replacement and paving works in some places.

The list did not include Kamionka streets. As representatives of the capital city hall explained, developers who are building subsequent blocks there will be responsible for renovations in this estate, pursuant to Article 16 of the Public Roads Act.

SPPN in Saska Kępa and Kamionek

The Warsaw Council, with the votes of KO and the Left, decided in March last year that Saska Kępa and Kamionek would be included in the Paid Unguarded Parking Zone. In April, their decision was questioned by the then Masovian Voivode, Tobiasz Bocheński, citing formal errors. The capital city hall appealed against its decision to the Provincial Administrative Court, which sided with the Warsaw authorities. The voivode did not give up and in the last days of his office he filed a cassation appeal to a higher authority (formally, his deputy signed the document). Bocheński's successor, Mariusz Frankowski, initially intended to uphold his predecessor's decision, but eventually changed his mind. He withdrew the complaint, giving the green light to implement the zone.

SPPN in Saska Kępa and KamionekGoogle Maps

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

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