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Warsaw. Seven accused in the case of assaults on escorts

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“The prosecutor accused seven people of committing robberies with the use of firearms, knives and other dangerous objects,” the press department of the National Prosecutor’s Office reported. “Frequently, the victims suffered numerous wounds that threatened their life and health. During the robberies, the perpetrators also pretended to be policemen.”

Moreover, the prosecutor accused the defendants of inciting robbery with the use of dangerous objects and of attempting such robbery on persons of Vietnamese or Chinese nationality and of stealing PLN 3.5 million. “Some people have been charged with attempted burglary and theft of a Porsche car and the theft of a luxury Audi Q7,” PK reported.

Submachine guns, knives, pipes and baseball bats

The investigation, which ended with an indictment sent to the Warsaw-Praga District Court, concerned a number of attacks on escorts. Robberies, including with the use of firearms, were carried out mainly in Warsaw and its vicinity. The perpetrators acted in a very brutal way, using firearms, including submachine guns, knives, pipes, baseball bats during the robberies. wounds that threatened their life and health. During the attacks, the perpetrators also pretended to be policemen, “the PK reported.

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The defendants are: Piotr G. ps. Gulczas (this is not the hero of the reality show known years ago – ed.), Marcin S. ps. Molek, Oskar Z. ps. Oskar, Tomasz D. ps. Daca, Miroslaw K. ps. Root, Jacek Sz. ps. Bushman and Pawel Z.

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“Earlier, in one of the threads of the investigation, the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office also filed an indictment against, among others, Piotr G. alias Gulczas and Tomasz D. alias Daca for the attacks, including the robbery that took place in December 2016 year at Błękitna Street in Warsaw, during which the perpetrators stole over PLN 735,000. Only during five robberies, the suspects robbed over PLN 1.5 million in cash, which came from the profits of the injured companies, “added PK.

The leader of the “finger-cutters” group has been detainedPolice officers of the Central Investigation Bureau detained the leader of the Mokotów group, Wojciech S. ps. “Wojtas”, “The Manager” (34 years old). The criminal allegedly ordered the kidnapping of police officers and prosecutors conducting proceedings against gangsters. He is facing the maximum penalty.TVN24

The investigation in this case was carried out by the Mazowieckie Branch Department of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw together with the department for combating criminal terror of the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

The offenses alleged in the indictment may be punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

The Mokotów Group was broken up in 2014 (illustration photo)CBSP/KSP

Main photo source: CBSP/KSP

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