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USA. Attempted hijacking through the drive-thru window. Allegations against the attacker, he carefully selected his victim

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Matthew Darnell, 38, who tried to force a woman out of a drive-thru window, has been charged with attempted kidnapping, Washington state prosecutors said Sunday. Investigators noted that the attacker “carefully selected” his victim, who weighed almost 100 kilograms less than him and was alone in the restaurant at the time of the incident.

The attempted kidnapping took place on the morning of January 16 in the city of Auburn near Seattle. As you can see in the recording shared on social media, the driver grabbed a drive-thru cafe employee by the hand as she handed him cash through the window. In the other hand he was holding a tourniquet, which investigators believe he was trying to put on the victim’s head. However, the woman managed to break free from the attacker and close the window. Then the man drove away.

In the evening of the same day, the police announced the arrest of the would-be kidnapper, identified as 38-year-old Matthew Darnell. “Many people called saying they knew the person and were able to give his name. We had great evidence,” said Auburn Police Department spokesman Colby Crossley. He emphasized that the identification of the suspect was helped by the fact that his face and a characteristic tattoo were clearly recorded on the surveillance video.

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Kidnapping through the drive-thru window

On January 22, prosecutors in King County, Washington, announced that Matthew Darnell had been charged with attempted second-degree kidnapping. The attacker’s motive was not disclosed. However, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement that the 38-year-old had “chosen carefully” the victim. It was emphasized that the employee of the drive-thru point he tried to kidnap was almost 100 kilograms lighter than him, and there were no other people in the cafe at the time of the incident.

The day after the incident, the police searched the home of the would-be kidnapper. More cable ties were found in the bedroom, and the same equipment was found in the man’s car. Matthew Darnell is currently in custody on bail of $500,000. dollars. The man was banned from approaching his would-be victim and the cafe where the incident took place.

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Main photo source: Auburn W.A. Police Department

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