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“The high-pressure spread in the center of the continent.” Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather in Poland and Europe

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The weather in Poland is governed by a belt of highlands, which brings a calm and fairly uniform aura. “Still in the weather”, “nothing happens” – Tomasz Wasilewski commented on TVN24 TVNmeteo.pl. It is different in other regions of the continent. In the north of Europe it is frosty and snowy, and in the south – it is blowing gusty and raining heavily. How long will the weather stagnation in our country last?

– This is the weather in which not much happens – the presenter of tvnmeteo.pl Tomasz Wasilewski commented on the aura that came to Poland on Monday. Throughout Central Europe, the weather is quite calm and winter shows its milder side. – In our part of Europe and in Poland it is about -1/-2 degrees. This is the “greatest frost”, if you can say so. Of course, the Alps stand out because the temperature in the high mountains is much lower – he added. In addition to the Alps, Scandinavia also stands out with frost – in the mountains -22 degrees C, and Russia, where it is -25/-28 degrees. – So there are three places of very heavy frost, and otherwise it is mild – the presenter pointed out.

The weather in Italy as not the weather in Italy

He added that more interesting weather phenomena than in Central Europe can be observed in other parts of the continent. In the south, it has been extremely windy and stormy for several days, because active low pressures are moving there. – In the south of Italy, in mountainous regions, there is 80 centimeters of snow. There are stormy waves on the coast, up to eight meters high, so interesting things happen there. Not necessarily good weather, but interesting – he explained.

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– It’s Italian than with very stormy, stormy weather. This is a large zone that includes Italy and the adjoining countries. Here it blows, it rains and there is one big storm. For two or three days the weather in Italy does not look like the weather in Italy at all – explained Wasilewski.

Temperature in Europetvnmeteo.pl

“Neither Zone” and “Unexpected”

Poland is under the influence of a different baric system, which has several centers, i.e. places where the pressure is the highest. – One center is over Russia, the other is in the south of Sweden and the third is over the Atlantic. They are all connected, including over Poland. What does it mean? That we have a stillness in the weather, nothing actually happens here. Where there are lows, the weather is completely different, because, for example, Scandinavia reaches cold, frosty air from the north-west. The Italian one brings warmer air from the south over the Balkans and that’s why it’s 14 degrees here in the morning. And we are in such a “neuter zone” – said the presenter.

The bar situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

– In the north there is a weather with snow and cold air, sometimes changing and dynamic. Rain in the afternoon. And in the middle is a high that has spread out in the center of the continent, including the eastern and western ends. And nothing happens in this place – Wasilewski summed up the bar situation in Europe.

How long will this weather last in Poland?

This aura will probably last for a few more days, Wasilewski announced.

– I can promise you this one weather forecast “no surprise” for the next three days. – A bit like in a Polish film – he joked, referring to a quote from the cult film “Rejs”.

And in Polish film, sir, it’s like this: boredom… Nothing happens, sir. Nothing. Yes, sir… Dialogues are bad… Dialogues are very bad. There is no action at all. Nothing happens.

“I don’t know if it’s good news,” the presenter noted. And he calculated what the weather could bring us at that time: “clouds, some fog, clear spells, no extreme events, no heavy rainfall, around zero”.

The whole conversation with Tomasz Wasilewski:

Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather in the coming daystvnmeteo.pl

Main photo source: Shutterstock/tvnmeteo.pl

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