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Working more than 49 hours a week. Eurostat data for 2023

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According to data published by Eurostat, in 2023, 7.1 percent of European Union citizens worked 49 hours or more per week.

Eurostat has published data showing what share of citizens of individual countries worked at least 49 hours a week. The list shows that the highest percentage of such people was in Greece (11.6%), Cyprus (10.4%) and France (10.1%).

In turn, the lowest rates were recorded in Bulgaria (0.4%) and in Lithuania and Latvia (1.1% each).

In Poland, the rate of people working more than 49 hours is slightly higher than the EU average (7.1%) and amounts to 7.5%.

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Percentage of employees who work overtime Data for 2023, age group: 20-64Eurostat

The self-employed are more likely to work longer hours

According to Eurostat, self-employed people most often worked longer hours (29.3% of all self-employed people), in the case of full-time employees this indicator was 3.6%. total employees.

The phenomenon of working more than 49 hours a week was more common among qualified workers in agriculture, forestry and fisheries (27.5% of this group) and managers (21.9%).

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