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Warsaw. They counted how many people passed through Five Corners Square. Up to a million a month

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Road workers at Five Corners Square set up cameras and started counting. It turns out that over a million people move there every month. Every week, over 12,000 walkers view the “blue egg” – an interactive sculpture by Joanna Rajkowska.

The Municipal Roads Authority conducted research at Pięciu Rogów Square regarding safety, aesthetics, but also traffic intensity and traffic distribution in the square.

– The research includes weekly footage from cameras. Thanks to this, we know how many cars and pedestrians pass through Pięciu Rogów Square, said ZDM director Łukasz Puchalski.

Five Corners SquareUM Warsaw

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According to research, over 260,000 people pass through Pięciu Rogów Square every week, which is over a million people a month. Four percent of traffic on the square is made by cars, of which nearly 30 percent enters during hours when access is free.

– The Złota-Zgody relationship is crucial from the point of view of communication services. 300 badges were also issued, allowing entry to the Pięciu Rogów Square area, Puchalski noted.

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Safe space for 77 percent

Compared to the pre-COVID years, the intensity of pedestrian traffic on Chmielna Street increased by 41%, and on Szpitalna – Krucza Street by 81%.

– Residents appreciate the space that is free from cars and use it in other ways much more willingly. They feel safe in this space, said the director of ZDM.

77 percent residents agree that this space is absolutely safe, 4% see it as a threat.

The city hall also conducted research showing that there are over 12,000 interactions with the blue egg sculpture every week.

Clones and egg

Five Corners Square was opened on July 5, 2022. Since then, only public transport buses can run here. The exception are cars with special NC identifiers, which are issued by the Municipal Roads Authority.

22 field maples, each nine meters high, were planted on the rebuilt square. In May 2023, Joanna Rajkowska's sculpture “Chick. Song Thrush” was unveiled at the square.. The sculpture has the form of a two-meter-high “blue egg”. It cost almost a quarter of a million zlotys.

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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