Warsaw. They went away for Christmas and left three dogs in the apartment. For a week


Viva! Foundation and police officers intervened in an apartment in Warsaw’s Ochota district, where three dogs had been left unattended for a week. Concerned neighbors reported the situation. Two pugs and a French bulldog had no access to water or food.

The foundation was alerted to the foundation by the residents of one of the blocks of flats in Warsaw’s Ochota district about the dogs being abandoned. Neighbors heard a dog barking in an apartment where no one had been home for a week. Due to previous problems with tenants of the neighboring apartment, some of them were equipped with viewfinders with cameras. Thanks to this, they quickly confirmed that the tenants of the apartment left before Christmas with their suitcases and have not shown up yet.

– My wife and I were terrified when we realized that a dog was barking in the apartment next door and that the owners had been gone for a week. We immediately started looking for help and reported the matter to the Viva! Foundation. – says Mr. Łukasz, a neighbor, quoted in the message on this subject.

The stench of feces hit the doorway

Representatives of the foundation entered the apartment accompanied by the police. “The stench of dog feces hit them from the doorway, and in the room they saw a pug tied to a table with a short leash. The dog was sitting on dirty rags, without water or food. In the bathroom, in similar conditions, they found two more dogs – a pug and a French bulldog” – said the Viva Foundation !

– The report concerned one dog abandoned in the apartment for a week. We were very surprised when it turned out that there were three dogs – says Paweł Artyfikiewicz from the intervention group of the Viva! Foundation. He adds: – The fact that the neighbors had no idea how many dogs there were meant that the owners never took them all for walks.

The neighbors did not hide their surprise either. – We were shocked when we saw three dogs being taken out of the apartment. We never saw them on a walk. I can’t imagine how living creatures can be treated this way and I hope that the owners will receive a well-deserved punishment – continues Mr. Łukasz.

All the dogs were severely neglected

All the dogs were severely neglected, smelly, had overgrown and loose claws, had untreated diseases, and one of them was very emaciated.

Someone who abandons animals in this way must take into account that it may result in their death. I can’t imagine why anyone else would tie up this dog. Probably just to torment him even more – continues the representative of the foundation.

The dogs received immediate veterinary help.

The Foundation has already sent a notification to law enforcement authorities on suspicion of committing a crime. The owners face up to five years in prison.

Main photo source: Viva! Foundation

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