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Warsaw. Wild in front of the block of flats in Tarchomin. Video

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On Monday evening, several wild boars walked between parked cars in front of one of the blocks in Warsaw’s Tarchomin district. “They’ve been frequent visitors here lately,” wrote a reader who captured the wild animals in a video posted to Contact 24.

As the reader wrote, she recorded the video on Sunday, after 9 pm.

“You can see wild boars that liked the area very much (they are frequent guests here recently). Two of them were not even afraid to cross the street and approach the block itself” – wrote Ada.

This is not the first time we have reported on wild boars in Białołęka. Animals often appeared in this area even in September, which was confirmed to us by the district office. At that time, there were even several reports of the appearance of these animals. Among others in Magic Park destroyed a large part of the lawn. Officials also pointed out that the increased population of wild boars and the damage they cause are problems not only for Białołęka. Among the Warsaw districts, Wawer and Wilanów also struggle with them, and residents’ reports are sent to the City Forests.

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More and more urban wild boars

The problem of the increase in the wild boar population was confirmed in an interview with the Polish Press Agency by Andżelika Gackowska, deputy director of the Municipal Forests. She indicated in the autumn that the number of reports of wild boars on the streets of the city is growing drastically. Just like the population of these animals in Warsaw. – It’s not like wild boars come to the city because we cut down forests. These animals often did not see the forest at all. They just live in the city. They sleep in the bushes and in green areas, and they get food near the houses – she said then.

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Kontakt24, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Ada, Contact24

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