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Will the weather bring heat to Europe? The Croatians are getting ready

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Not only Poland will face massive warming in the coming days. They are preparing for the arrival of a real heat bomb Croats. The daily “Slobodna Dalmacija” writes about a possible “temperature explosion”.

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Croatia: Sunscreen will come in handy

According to the newspaper, early next week until Croatia a powerful anticyclone may reach from the area Africa. Thanks to him, temperatures in the interior of the country on Monday and Tuesday according to some weather models may exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

If this actually happened, heat could be recorded in Croatia at the beginning of April. This is exceptionally high at this time of year, even for this Mediterranean country popular among tourists.

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“If forecasts come true, early next week we will all need sunscreen and constant refreshment“- emphasized the daily.

The Mediterranean Sea like air conditioning

“Slobodna Dalmacija” emphasizes that the warmest will be in areas located further from the coast. It will be noticeably cooler in coastal areas: in Dalmatia, temperatures of 14-16 degrees Celsius are expected at this time. Cooling is to be provided by the “natural thermoregulator”, i.e. the sea.

The forecasts of the Croatian Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (DHMZ) for the first days of next week are slightly more conservative, but also indicate very high temperatures. According to DHMZ on Monday and Tuesday inland thermometers will show up to 25-27 degrees Celsius. According to DHMZ forecasts, Wednesday will be significantly colder (no more than 20-22 degrees) and cloudy in most of the country.

The warming that will occur in Croatia will also affect other countries, among others France, Germany and Poland.

Source: “Slobodna Dalmacija”, Meteo.hr

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