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Willa plus, two million for “Proud of Elbląg”. The head of the RCL about the president of the foundation: we know each other from school, but I have not lobbied for anyone’s benefit

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The “Dumni z Elbląg” Foundation received two million zlotys from the so-called villa plus program. According to journalists, its president, Kamil Nowak, is privately acquainted with PiS activists, including the head of the Government Legislation Center, Krzysztof Szczucki. We know each other, we went to school together, I can’t deny that. Kamil Nowak is a well-known specialist in international relations, admitted Szczucki. At the same time, he argued that he “did not lobby for anyone’s benefit” in the ministerial competition.

Unknown even among the locals, the foundation “Proud of Elbląg” received a subsidy of PLN 2 million from Minister Czarnek. For this amount, the foundation purchased a plot of land near Elbląg “with two houses, a large terrace, a carport for three cars, a garage in the building, a beekeeper’s house, a viewpoint overgrown with beautiful Wisteria, two ponds and its own forest”.

An unknown foundation from Elbląg received over two million zlotys in subsidies02.02 | The Ministry of Education and Science granted PLN 2 million for the purchase of the property of the “Dumni z Elbląg” Foundation, including a house “with a soul and a unique atmosphere”, as it was written in the application. The problem is that she has no achievements and even local journalists have not heard of her. Law and Justice activists are supposed to know the president of the Foundation well.tvn24

The president of “Dumni z Elblag” is Kamil Nowak. According to journalists, he knows activists well PIS. Krzysztof Szczucki, head of the Government Legislation Center, is said to be one of his friends.

Szczucki: I did not lobby for anyone’s benefit

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TVN24 reporter Radomir Wit spoke to Szczucki in the Sejm on Friday. He asked him if he knew the president Kamil Nowak.

We know each other, we went to school together, I can’t deny that. Kamil Nowak is a well-known specialist in the field of international relations and an expert China he replied.

He argued that in the case of the villa plus “everything has been said”. – Minister Czarnek has already explained everything. I don’t do this program. I didn’t care for this program. I did not talk about Kamil Nowak with anyone from the Ministry of Education, with Minister Czarnek. I did not lobby for anyone’s benefit – said Szczucki, when asked about his acquaintance with Nowak.

– I am convinced that the competition took place in accordance with the law, on the basis of regulations, on the basis of the rules that Minister Czarnek and the relevant authorities established and announced. I have no doubts, he said.

He added that “if you work professionally for many years, you know and meet many people, but this does not have to prove anything.” – There are procedures, there are regulations and I trust that state authorities act within the law – he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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