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Winter 2023/24. Where will Poles go on holiday? 10 most popular exotic destinations

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In the 2023/2024 winter season, cities in Asia will be most popular among Poles organizing exotic trips on their own. Experts indicate where we will pay the most for airline tickets and how far in advance we plan long journeys.

The list prepared by analysts of the eSky.pl travel booking platform shows that Poles like to spend their winter holidays in Asia, North America and Africa. Bangkok tops the list. People who will visit the capital Thailand from the beginning of December 2023 to the end of February 2024, constitute 25%. everyone using eSky.pl during this period. According to analysts of this platform, on average three people will fly to Bangkok in one booking, and the price that travelers pay for a return ticket is around PLN 4.2 thousand. PLN per person.

Where do Poles travel in winter

Two American cities took second and third positions in the ranking: New York (24 percent of reservations) and Miami (15 percent). The cost of a flight to New York is from PLN 2.7 thousand. PLN to 2.9 thousand PLN per passenger in both directions, while the number of travelers is on average two people. In Miami, the temperature in November exceeds 25 degrees. Poles pay nearly PLN 3,300 for a round-trip flight to Florida. PLN per person, and one reservation usually covers three passengers.

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Dubai takes fourth place in the ranking (8% of bookings). A ticket to the Arabian Peninsula and back costs nearly PLN 2.7 thousand. zlotys. Colombo, the capital, rounds out the top five Sri Lankans, with 6 percent reservation. According to eSky.pl, we usually fly to Sri Lanka as a pair and pay approximately PLN 3.6 thousand. PLN per person.


Sixth place with a score of 5%. is occupied by Moroccan Agadir (an average of PLN 750 round trip per person), followed by Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and Tokyo (4% of bookings in both cases). To the capital UAE Poles usually travel in pairs, and each person pays approximately PLN 1,200. PLN for a round-trip plane ticket. A trip to Tokyo is most often planned by people traveling alone. The cost of a round-trip ticket is up to PLN 5,000. zlotys.


The ranking is closed by Phuket in Thailand and Shanghai. Both the city on the Malay Peninsula and the Chinese metropolis account for 4%. reservation. Flight prices and the number of passengers are similar – on average, two people fly there from Poland, and a round trip costs from PLN 4.3 thousand. PLN to 4.6 thousand PLN per person.

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How far in advance do Poles plan long journeys?

eSky.pl experts also looked at how long Poles travel to the mentioned countries. New York is in the lead here – we will spend up to 22 days in the largest city in the United States, and in Bangkok (2nd place) 19 days. This was followed by Phuket (17 days), Miami (15 days), Colombo (14 days), Tokyo (10 days), Shanghai (10 days), Agadir (9 days), Abu Dhabi (9 days) and Dubai ( 9 days).

Additionally, analysts checked how far in advance Poles who booked trips planned their exotic trips on their own. The longest deadline is in Bangkok – an average of 152 days passed from booking to departure and landing in the capital of Thailand. However, we took care of purchasing tickets to Tokyo, Colombo and Phuket 142 days, 128 days and 116 days in advance, respectively. This was followed by Miami (115 days), Dubai (95 days), New York (85 days), Abu Dhabi (59 days), Agadir (53 days) and Shanghai (43 days).

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