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Winter holidays 2023 “under the palm trees” – Poles will most likely go to Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Spain

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More and more people decide to spend their winter holidays “under the palm trees”. For holidays between January 16 and February 28, Poles are most likely to go to Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Spain – we learn from the analysis of the holiday.pl website.

According to experts, winter school holidays are a popular time for trips, but a large part of Poles will go to warm countries instead of the mountains. “Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Spain are the most popular destinations for travel agency customers going on holiday between January 16 and February 28. These three directions account for 41.3 percent. sold winter offer of the largest multiagent in Poland.

Winter holidays “under the palm trees”

The top ten most popular holiday destinations “under the palm trees” also included: Dominican RepublicThailand MaltaTanzania, MexicoCyprus and Maldives.

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– For winter holidays, customers of travel agencies choose mainly air destinations where the weather is guaranteed. Most prefer to relax on the beach or by the pool, although there are also enthusiasts of getting to know other cultures – indicated Anna Podpora from the holiday.pl website.

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She added that customers of travel agencies in winter more often than in summer decide to spend their holidays outside the hotel – doing sports or sightseeing.

“The trends regarding the selected food also look a bit different than in the case of summer travel. While all inclusive has a definite advantage in summer (almost 83% of travel agency customers), less than 58% of customers buy this option in winter. Noticeably more people choose it in winter than in summer while two meals a day (24.58 percent on holidays compared to 10.1 percent in summer)” – the website reported.

According to Podpora, winter trips differ from summer ones not only in terms of preferred destinations, but also the way we rest. – While in the summer we spend more time in resorts and on the beach, choosing optional one-day trips for sightseeing, in the winter we more often decide on an active holiday – we go skiing or discover the visited places on our own. This is why the all-inclusive option is not as popular during the holidays as it is during the holidays, she explained.

The website’s data show that customers of travel agencies spend more on trips than a year ago. In its analysis, the multiagent took into account transaction prices, i.e. amounts that customers actually pay for travel, and not the lowest prices offered on the market. It can still be seen that facilities of a higher category – four- and five-star – are very popular. Those watching the budget choose Malta and Cypruswhich have the best prices at this time of year.

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