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Złotoryja County. They called her “Angel” online. The police stopped her

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A 27-year-old woman from Złotoryja County (Lower Silesia) posed as a nurse on the Internet. She declared that she helped for free in caring for bedridden patients. She also started several fundraisers. In order, as she claimed, to support people suffering from cancer. So Internet users sent her, among others: money. According to the police, there was fraud. The woman faces up to eight years in prison.

Officers of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Legnica determined that a 27-year-old resident of Złotoryja County had set up false fundraisers for charity purposes.

“The story of the ‘angel’, as she was called by people who believed in her good heart and helping others, began with creating a fictitious account on a social networking site and joining one of the local closed groups. The woman pretended to be a ‘nurse’ who provides free consultations for the residents of the city and commune of Chojnów,” writes Comm. Jagoda Ekiert from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Legnica in a press release.

She was charged with three counts of fraud Lower Silesian Police

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She declared help in caring for the child

The 27-year-old woman posted posts from time to time in which she declared taking care of the child, taking the dog for a walk, helping with the care of the bedridden, as well as helping in finding a job, etc. The woman assured in the entries that she was not doing it for the money, only because to show the world that people like her exist, help others and give faith in a better tomorrow.

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“Then the 27-year-old started several collections in kind and money, giving four different legends. In each of these stories, the person in need was a single mother with cancer and her children. People who read these posts about the collections and the difficult financial situation in which the sick found themselves mothers, wanting to support the charitable activities of the alleged nurse, donated food, clothes, toys, hygiene and cleaning products, as well as money, gift vouchers, cosmetics, etc. – we read in the announcement.

Police: acted under the guise of help

When women agreed to donate these things, most often the “nurse” wrote that she could not collect the gifts in person and would send a friend.

When one of the people involved in the help realized that the account was fictitious and the woman was operating under the guise of help, she reported to the Municipal Police Headquarters in Legnica. Officers from the Department for Combating Economic Crime identified and detained a 27-year-old woman.

She has faced fraud charges before

The police say that the woman had a previous record of involvement in criminal activities, as a few years ago she was charged with 43 charges for internet fraud.

It turned out that her account was fictitious Lower Silesian Police

“At that time, she was offering hybrid nail polishes for sale, which she did not actually have. Yesterday, she was charged with three more fraud charges. She faces up to eight years in prison for the crime,” notes Comm. Ekiert.

Those who have been defrauded may report to the police

The case is developmental. It cannot be ruled out that the woman also operated in other counties.

“People who have been searched in the manner described are asked to contact the Department for Combating Economic Crime of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Legnica from Monday to Friday from 07.00 to 15.00 at the following telephone numbers: 47 874 16 04, 47 874 16 07, 47 874 15 80, referring to case number RSD 469/2023,” the police appeals.

Main photo source: Lower Silesian Police

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