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Zlotow, Tarnowka. She went mushroom hunting and spent the night in the forest. “She couldn’t find her way back”

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A 39-year-old resident of Wielkopolska went to the forest to pick mushrooms. While picking mushrooms, she injured her leg and, according to police, could not find her way back home. The woman spent the night in the forest. And she informed the services about her situation only in the morning, when she managed to regain coverage on her phone.

On Sunday (6.08) before 8 am, the dispatcher of the emergency number 112 received information from a woman staying in the forest that she got lost while picking mushrooms. Officers from Złotów (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship) were sent to the site.

“A resident of the Tarnówka commune was supposed to spend the night in the forest because she suffered a leg injury and was unable to find her way back. Her phone was out of range and she could not notify anyone about the situation in which she found herself” – informs the Poviat Police Headquarters in Złotów.

According to the uniform, the woman told where she was looking for mushrooms. She also described the characteristic places where she was located. She was also supposed to emphasize that her leg hurts, she is wet and cold.

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During the conversation, the woman lost range and could not be contacted again.

Police officers from Złotów were involved in the search for a 39-year-old woman who suffered a leg injury while looking for mushrooms, and got lost and spent the night in the forest.  The chilled and soaked woman was found by an officer who knew the nearby forests well.

While picking mushrooms, she injured her leg, got lost and spent the night in the forest. The woman was saved by the policeKPP Złotów

The mushroom picker was sitting at the edge of the forest

Police officers began checking forest ducts in a potential location where the 39-year-old could be. At some point, one of the officers noticed a woman sitting on the edge of it.

At the same time, other mushroom pickers appeared and also engaged in the search operation.

The found woman was immediately provided with first aid and then transferred to the care of the ambulance team. The 39-year-old was hospitalized.

Appeal of the Lubuskie police to mushroom pickers and seniorsLubusz Police

Main photo source: KPP Złotów

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