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Belarus has strengthened security at the refinery in Mazyr. Ukraine and Russia's interests in the background

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Ukrainian attacks on Russian refineries arouse fear among the Kremlin elites, but they also influence the actions of Russia's supporters. Belarus. Not so long ago Alyaksandr Lukashenko he accused the Belarusian opposition of calling on Western partners, including Poland, to attack Belarusian facilities. The dictator then spoke about refinery in Mazyr near the northern border of Ukraine.

Lukashenko pointed out that due to the proximity of the Ukrainian border, the refinery in Mazyr could be “bombed by Ukrainians at any time.” He also explained that he did not want Ukraine to be attacked from the territory of Belarus – precisely because of fears of a retaliatory strikewhich could reduce the level fuel supplies to Russia. Let us remind you that the Russians are using Belarus's aid more and more intensively, as already at the end of March we reported here.

Movements of Belarusian troops and Ukraine's attacks on refineries in Russia. Lukashenko has decided

About the alleged risk of attack on Belarusian refinery Lukashenko informed Vladimir Putin during a recent visit to Moscow. He argued that this was why he decided to “strengthen its security.”

Now the movements of Belarusian troops have been reported by the website monitoring the movements of Belarusian and Russian troops in the satrap's country. As reported by the Belarusian Hajun, it was registered on April 9 movement of Belarusian military equipment towards Jelsko – a town located about 30 km south of Mazyr.

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Soldiers and equipment of two units of the Belarusian Air Defense Forces, which until now were serving around the nuclear power plant in the north of the country, were to be delivered to the city in the Gomel Oblast. Belarusian Hajun reported that they could have arrived there two batteries – one from the 1146th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment and the other from the 147th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment. In the context of this second unit, Belsat wrote about the 9K33 Osa anti-aircraft missile system.

“The refinery in Mazyr can also be protected by a squadron S-400 air defense system Russian Armed Forces, which is located at a nearby airport.

Ukraine's attack on Belarus is only in the interests of Russia. Lukashenko's game with Putin

The movements of Russian troops were commented on by the Ukrainian director of the World Policy Institute political scientist Yevgeny Magda. He stated that the transfer of anti-aircraft systems is “spectacle“In his opinion, Lukashenko – through his actions and narrative – may have wanted to force Russia to buy more gasoline and negotiate an increase in the purchase price of the raw material.

At the same time, Magda pointed out the senselessness of the movements that Belarusian propaganda is trying to accuse Kiev of. – It is not profitable for Ukraine to increase its front line by a thousand kilometers. Lukashenka is equally aware that Belarusians do not care about fighting Ukraine. And this is also a very serious challenge for the system. However, it must show its older ally that it may fall victim to a Ukrainian attack, the expert said.

According to Magda, a Ukrainian attack on the Belarusian facility would be possible on hand only Russia, which “is interested in Belarus's involvement in the war.” In this context, the political scientist also spoke about the risk of Russian provocation, because – as he noted – the fact is that the refinery is actually within the range of Ukrainian missiles and artillery.

As assessed by the political scientist, the possible involvement of Belarus in the war would also make Lukashenko become Putin's leader. even more obedientand in the future he would even completely “disappear as head of state” and be replaced by a leader even more controlled by Russia.

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