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Bosnia and Herzegovina. A country on the brink of war. “Maybe within an hour.”

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The German daily recalls the recent threats of secession caused discussion around the resolution UN regarding the genocide in Srebrenica, which would, among other things, establish July 11 – the anniversary of the events in eastern BiH – as the International Genocide Remembrance Day.

In July 1995, near Srebrenica – until it was taken over by the Serbs, the so-called a safe zone under UN supervision – over 8,000 murdered men and boys living in the country of Bosnian Muslims. The remains of about a thousand victims are still being searched for.

Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unrest in the Balkans

President Serbia Aleksandar Vuczic warned that passing the resolution may lead to claims for war reparations towards Belgrade and the liquidation of Republika Srpska (RS) – the part of BiH recognized by the Dayton Peace Agreement. The Republika Srpska included, among others: areas where genocide and ethnic cleansing were carried out.

President of Republika Srpska – part of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Milorad Dodik announced that “the regional authorities are already showing determination in implementing actions aimed at achieving independence” of the Serb-majority part of BiH. Dodik also denied that genocide occurred in the Srebrenica area.

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“Die Welt” reminds that Dodik can count on the president's support Russia Vladimir Putin and the President of Serbia. RS Vice-President Ćamil Duraković warns that “if Dodik announces secession, war will break out in BiH within an hour.”

Milorad Dodik in December 2023 indicated that everything depends on the result of the American presidential election. – Republika Srpska will announce secession from Bosnia and Herzegovina if Donald Trump will win the presidential election – he assured.

The Balkan cauldron is boiling. 'The international community must intervene'

“BiH is the most unstable and vulnerable country in the region, and we are currently facing the most serious situation since the collapse of Yugoslavia. Any conflict here may lead to a return to the 1990s,” the daily notes.

“The international community must intervene,” Duraković appeals.

The policy of genocide is still ongoing in Republika Srpska, says Munira Subaszić from the organization “Mothers of Srebrenica”, which brings together women who lost their husbands, sons, fathers and brothers in 1995.

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