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Buried. They blocked the tourist trail to Gubałówka. “These are our plots”

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The popular public tourist trail to Gubałówka in Zakopane, which was marked out two years ago in the area of ​​Polskie Koleje Linowe (PKL), was blocked on Wednesday by a family who claim it is their area. PKL announces a lawsuit for illegal partitioning of its land.

Previously, owners of land adjacent to the current path charged tolls for passing through their property, but with the free path through PKL land, they lost income.

– Unfortunately, currently one of the families that owns several properties on the Gubałówka slope and adjacent to PKL properties – outside the free hiking trail designated in 2021 – is conducting activities aimed at redirecting tourists off the designated free trail. The activities of several people blocking the passage on the path on Gubałówka made available by PKL were taken without PKL’s consent. What’s more, they violate the security of the mountain path by assembling their own buildings on the trail. These activities are carried out illegally, and additionally they mislead tourists, forcing them to go beyond the free trail, so that in the future – based on previous experience – they can enforce a fee for crossing, said PKL spokeswoman Marta Grzywa.

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“They don’t care about us and they don’t want to talk to us”

One of the families, driving posts and setting a fence across the trail on Wednesday, stated that it was their area, from which it had not been dispossessed.

– I’m looking for justice. The trail was led through our area. We want to collect tickets for PLN 5 per person. PKL don’t care about us and they don’t want to talk, they don’t want to get along. We are forced to act in such a way that they finally react. We expect them to start talking to us. These are our plots and we have to clean up the garbage after the tourists. We are open to suggestions, but they do not want to talk to us – said Wojciech Walczak-Wójciak, the owner of one of the plots.

Will the court decide?

In the opinion of PKL, arbitrary and illegal erection of a fence across a generally accessible route undermines the ownership of PKL and the State Treasury. The PKL authorities notified the police and demanded an end to the infringement of property rights and activities directly affecting tourists.

– In order to secure the ownership right, PKL will take legal action and use a security agency that will secure unauthorized entry to the property owned by PKL and allowing tourists to freely cross the hiking trail to Gubałówka, which from 2021 will be available on PKL’s properties without the need for tourists to pay fees, the spokeswoman added.

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The trail was laid out two years ago

A free and public trail to Gubałówka, running directly along the funicular route, was marked out in 2021. In order to make the free path available, PKL moved the fence securing the railway route so as to lead the entire route on its premises. This is one of the three trails leading up the hill. It is also the most popular route connecting the center of Zakopane with this popular scenic spot. The authorities of Zakopane and the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society were involved in the marking of the trail at that time.

Main photo source: PAP/Grzegorz Momot

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