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Warsaw. Will Psia Górka be built-up?

Residents of Warsaw's Ursynów are worried that "Psia Górka" will be built over. Their anxiety was aroused by a fence with the...

A surprising discovery in the center of Warsaw. Once upon a time there was a border of worlds here

During the renovation works on Marszałkowska Street, the workers dug to the foundations of the pre-war tenement houses. The cellars are the...

Israel. Parliament supported the law on changes in the judiciary. Reservists and doctors protest

In Israel, doctors went on a 24-hour strike, and more military reservists asked for their service to be suspended. This is a...

Germany. The wind snapped trees, branches crushed cars. Six people injured

Thunderstorms with strong gusts of wind swept across eastern Germany. In Berlin, a broken tree branch fell on a bus stop, injuring...

Greece – fires. A firefighting plane crashed in the city of Platanistos, the pilots are dead

A Canadair plane fighting fires in Greece crashed on Tuesday near Platanistos on the island of Euboea in the south of the country....

Grain deal, Black Sea. Russia threatens ships bound for Ukraine. British ambassador to the UN on the actions of the Russians

Britain has information indicating that "the Russian military may extend its attacks to civilian shipping in the Black Sea," said British ambassador to...
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