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Chief Police Commander Jarosław Szymczyk is leaving his position. The head of the National Security Bureau, Jacek Siewiera, comments

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This is not a character that can be described in one sentence or one word – said the head of the National Security Bureau, Jacek Siewiera, about Jarosław Szymczyk. The guest of “Fakty po Faktach” in the program was asked about police interventions during Szymczyk’s term, as well as about the explosion of a grenade launcher in the office of the outgoing police chief.

On Thursday, Gen. Insp. Jarosław Szymczyk said goodbye to his subordinates during a ceremony with the banner of the Polish police in the presence of management staff and provincial police commanders, representing all police officers and employees.

The fact that Szymczyk will leave office before the appointment of a new government, We have already reported on tvn24.pl.

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Siewiera about Szymczyk: he is not a character that can be described in one sentence

The head of the National Security Bureau, Jacek Siewiera, spoke about the state of the police and Szymczyk’s departure, Grzegorz Kajdanowicz’s guest in Thursday’s edition of “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24.

When asked whether Szymczyk was “running away” from the expected new authorities, he replied that “the longest-serving police chief is stepping down, so the time seems right.”

– From my point of view, the key issue is how citizens evaluate the work of the police. This rating is good. In public opinion polls, over 90 percent say that they feel safe in their surroundings and place of residence, he added.

When asked about Jarosław Szymczyk’s assessment, Siewiera said that “he is not a character that can be described in one sentence or one word.”

– On the one hand, he led the police in extremely difficult times, because in times of challenges related to the pandemic and, over time, huge migration of citizens of our neighbors, threats related to the activities of foreign services in our territory, as well as high political tensions – he mentioned. – Without such dramatic scenarios and procedures as shooting a smoothbore weapon into the crowd – he added.

“With this event, Commander Szymczyk certainly took a place in the history of the Polish police”

When asked about the actions of policemen who beat protesters, including members of parliament, with telescopic batons and sprayed them with gas, detention of MP Kinga Gajewska in Otwockand Igor Stachowiak, who was tortured at the Wrocław police station, Siewiera argued that “each of these cases is completely different.”

>> Tear gas, telescopic batons. Controversial police interventions against protesters

– While the case of Igor Stachowiak is indeed a case that requires attention and attention, and I think it will be discussed many times in police schools in Słupsk and other centers, the issues of police response during demonstrations, the use of direct coercive measures, are always together, issues that need to be assessed directly from the point of view of the place of the incident – he explained.

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When reminded of the story of the grenade launcher explosion in Szymczyk’s office, Siewiera replied that, in his opinion, “with this event, Commander Szymczyk, regardless of the scenario of these events, especially in the context of what we know today, certainly took a place in the history of the Polish police.” “.

A grenade launcher at the Police Headquarters in photos provided by MP Krzysztof BrejzaKrzysztof Brejza

When Siewiera was asked whether this story should have ended his police career, the head of the National Security Bureau said that “it is a story that requires a detailed explanation.” – I don’t feel like the public knows it fully yet, he admitted.

When asked whether he would resign if he was in a similar situation, he said that “as a soldier, I would never have a situation where I had a grenade launcher in my private office.”

Sroka: Commander Szymczyk leaves the police in a sorry state

How will cooperation with the new government proceed?

The conversation touched on the change of power and whether the Presidential Palace and the National Security Bureau are prepared to cooperate with the new Prime Minister and the head of the Ministry of National Defense. – Yes, without a doubt, of course such preparations are ongoing – replied Siewiera.

– Meetings took place, and the president repeatedly raised during consultations with the opposition that he was particularly concerned about security issues and that issues of current party policy must recede into the background. There is great understanding on the part of the new parliamentary majority and it seems that there is a will to seek consensus on these key issues – he described.

When asked how many times he had met since then elections with Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, who is tipped to be the new head of national defense, Siewiera replied that “the thing about behind-the-scene talks is that they should remain so.”

– However, it seems to me that it is not strange, and in fact citizens expect it, for representatives, especially of institutions such as the National Security Bureau, to provide all advice and support to the newly appointed Minister of National Defense and at the same time declare assistance in the implementation of these most important tasks – added.

Siewiera informed that “the opinion of the coalition side is consistent, whose representatives have emphasized several times that certain activities are necessary related to carrying out an opening report, audit or review in various industries.”

– In the National Security Bureau, this is also the will of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mr. President, to prepare a strategic review of national security at the end of the second term, during the closure, which will specify the most important challenges facing the Republic of Poland and the level of their current preparations. This is a field of potential cooperation, not only with the Ministry of National Defense, he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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