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Chopin Airport, Modlin. Pyrotechnics intervened because of forgotten luggage

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Evacuation of passengers and interventions of pyrotechnics at the airports in Warsaw and Modlin. Due to left luggage. In one case it was a forgotten bag, in the other an abandoned guitar case. “For leaving luggage unattended there are sanctions in the form of a fine” – remind border guards.

Both incidents happened on Monday, July 10. The first intervention took place just before 9 am at Chopin Airport on the arrivals level.

“Based on the reading from CCTV cameras, it was established that the suspicious luggage in a public locker was left by a person who left the territory of Poland by plane,” the Border Guard said in a statement. – “A decision was made to evacuate and after informing the emergency services, officers from the Special Intervention Group from the Border Guard Post in Warsaw-Okęcie proceeded to mine and pyrotechnic reconnaissance. It was carried out using full-time technical equipment and manually.”

We also informed about a Yemenite who flew from Cairo with a certificate of registration for temporary residence issued by the “Mayor of the City of Krakow”.

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It turned out that the left suitcase contained personal belongings, a set of tools and cosmetics. A total of 200 passengers were evacuated, but no delays were reported due to the action.

Guitar case without owner

The second intervention of the day took place in the evening at the airport in Modlin. There, the cause was a black guitar case that someone had left in the arrivals area. “Officers of the Border Guard from the Mining and Pyrotechnic Intervention Team from PSG Warszawa-Modlin were summoned to the site, who, after carrying out a risk analysis, decided to designate a safety zone and started pyrotechnic reconnaissance” – informs the Border Guard.

Evacuation was ordered, this time 75 people.

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The case was inspected using a robot and x-ray equipment. There was nothing dangerous about it. The action ended at 8:30 p.m. The owner of the baggage has not been identified. Due to this intervention, the flight to Thessaloniki was delayed by 30 minutes.

Fines for forgotten luggage

Each baggage without visible supervision is treated by the airport services as a potential threat, which involves the initiation of appropriate security procedures, such as: designation of a security zone, port evacuation and pyrotechnic recognition of a given baggage. These procedures are time consuming and can result in flight delays. In order to avoid them, it is necessary to avoid rushing and performing activities that cause difficulties, such as leaving excess baggage anywhere after repacking the proper baggage. Do not take packages and luggage with unknown contents from strangers. If we encounter a similar proposal, we should immediately notify the airport services about the incident. Leaving your baggage unattended is subject to sanctions in the form of a fine.

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Main photo source: NOSG

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