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Conditions in the mountains. Tatra Mountains. Icy and slippery trails. The risk of avalanches has increased

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The avalanche danger in the Tatra Mountains has been raised to the third degree – rescuers from the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service announced on Wednesday. Any exits above the upper forest line are discouraged – the Tatra National Park said in a statement.

IN Tatra Mountains The conditions for tourism are very difficult. The third level of avalanche danger applies.

“We advise against going above the upper forest line. In the higher parts of the Tatra Mountains, strong winds blow, which creates deep snowdrifts and snowstorms. The trails are heavily icy and very slippery in places, and in places the snow is wet and falling,” we read in a statement from the Tatra National Park ( TPN).

“An additional difficulty is the low cloud ceiling and fog, which, combined with snowfall, significantly reduce visibility, which may lead to getting lost. Navigating in such conditions requires experience, the ability to assess the local avalanche risk and adapting the route to the currently prevailing conditions, as well as having winter equipment (crampons, ice ax, helmet, avalanche ABC) and the ability to use it,” added experts from TPN.

Avalanches – a deadly threatPAP

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There will be more snow in the mountains

There was 67 centimeters of snow on Kasprowy Wierch on Wednesday morning and the temperature was -2 degrees Celsius. According to forecasters, in the following days there will be more snow on the peaks, and from Sunday there will be a sharp drop in temperature to several degrees of frost.

TPN reported that the ice on Tatra ponds is thin and can easily break. “We warn you not to enter their surfaces,” he appeals in the message.

An avalanche triplet means that the snow cover on many steep slopes is moderately or weakly bound. Triggering an avalanche is possible even with a small additional load, especially on steep slopes. In certain situations, large, and in rare cases even very large, avalanches may occur spontaneously.

Main photo source: weather.topr.pl

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