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France. The first such call in a year and a half. A clear signal for Shoigu

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French Minister of Defense Sebastien Lecornu held a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu – Reuters reported, citing a statement from the press office of the French minister.

The conversation took place on April 3 and it was the first between politicians from October 2022.

As we read, the head of the French Ministry of Defense told Shoigu that France invariably condemns Russia's aggression against Ukraine. Lecornu also reiterated that France will support Ukraine as long and as intensely as necessary in its fight for freedom and sovereignty to restore peace and security.

France. The Minister of Defense of Lecorn talked to Sergei Shoigu

In addition, Lecornu and Shoigu discussed the attack near Moscow, in which at least 144 people were killed and 551 injured on March 22. Head of the French Ministry of Defense expressed solidarity with the victims of the attack and their families.

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“The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said the attack was carried out by Islamic militants, but implied that Kyiv may have played a role in it. Both Ukraine and Western allies denied these claims,” ​​Reuters recalled.

Lecornu also allegedly did the same during the conversation. “He confirmed that France has no informationwhich would indicate Ukraine's participation in this attack,” the website of the French daily “Le Monde” reported. The minister of the French ministry called on Shoigu for Russia to stop take advantage of this situation instrumentally for your own purposes.

Conversation between the defense ministers of France and Russia. It lasted an hour

“The hour-long conversation between Shoigu and Lecornu took place at a time when France is preparing for organization of the Olympic Games“- reported AFP, pointing to the increase in concerns about security level events. Lecornu told Shoigu that France is always ready to face terrorism and is prepared for “increased exchanges in order to fight threats as effectively as possible,” reads a statement published by the French Ministry of Defense.

?Over the last two years for contacts at such a high levelbetween the leading minister of a Western power and a close associate of Vladimir Putin, occurred rarely,” AFP noted.

Russia. The Ministry of Defense reacts after the conversation with Lecornu

A few minutes before 10 p.m. Polish time, Reuters reported the announcement from the Russian Ministry of Defense following a conversation with Sebastien Lecornu.

“The Russian Ministry of Defense claims that in the conversation between Shoigu and Lecorn it was recorded 'readiness for dialogue on Ukraine' – we read. The statement referred to French President Emmanuel Macron's loud words about sending Western troops to Ukraine. It said that any idea of ​​implementing Macron's suggestion to send troops “would create problems for France“.

The Russian ministry's statement also assessed that any idea of ​​organizing a meeting on Ukraine in Switzerland without Russia's participation is viable “pointless”.

Sources: Reuters, “Le Monde”, AFP

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