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Germany. The search for 6-year-old Arian on the autism spectrum. He escaped into the forest

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German services and volunteers are looking for a six-year-old autistic boy named Arian, who went missing on April 22 in Lower Saxony. The boy left the garden without his parents' attention. Nearby surveillance cameras recorded the six-year-old running away into the forest, the media write.

On Monday evening, April 22, a six-year-old boy named Arian went missing in the German town of Bremervörde-Elm in Lower Saxony. He left the garden unnoticed. Nearby surveillance cameras recorded the six-year-old running away into the forest – writes “Die Welt”.

According to the police, “the boy is autistic, he cannot speak and does not respond to words.” “He has dark blond hair. He was last wearing an orange sweater, sweatpants and black dragon socks,” it was added.

Over a thousand service representatives and volunteers take part in the search operation. They comb the forest, nearby pastures and the river flowing nearby. Initially, to attract the boy's attention, children's songs were played from loudspeakers and fireworks were set off, and colorful balloons were hung in the search area. Since Saturday, in order not to scare the boy, people taking part in the search have been trying to remain silent. During the operation, the services use drones, night vision goggles and boats equipped with sonars.

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Six-year-old Arian is missing Daniel Bockwoldt/PAP, Polizei Rotenburg/Facebook

“Giving up is not an option for us yet.”

On Sunday, a human chain about one and a half kilometers long was formed to search the area where traces of the boy's presence were previously found, the police said. The services estimate that there is no indication that third parties were involved in the boy's disappearance. It is also very unlikely that Ariana was attacked by a wolf, although these animals occur in the area.

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As “Bild” writes, the scope of the search is gradually being expanded because the boy could have escaped further than initially estimated. If no results are found, the police announced they will continue the search next week. “Surrender is not an option for us yet,” an Elm police spokeswoman said Sunday. – We continue the search day and night – she added. After almost a week, there is still hope to find the boy alive, the media write.

Main photo source: Daniel Bockwoldt/PAP, Polizei Rotenburg/Facebook

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