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Great Britain – Russia. The British frigate HMS Portland tracks the frigate Admiral Gorshkov in the North Sea

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The British navy said on Wednesday that its ship was tracking the movements of the Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov and an accompanying oil tanker. There is a helicopter on board the British ship.

HMS Portland is tracking the movements of the Russian guided-missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov and accompanying oil tanker Kama as they pass through international waters off the UK, it said on Wednesday. Royal Navy.

HMS Portland, a Type 23 frigate, joined the Norwegian coast guard ship Bergen as the Russian warships sailed south through the Norwegian Sea, the British Navy said. There is a helicopter on board the British ship. Both the ship and the helicopter are equipped with state-of-the-art sonars to track the movements of other vessels.

PortlandRoyal Navy

Commander of HMS Portland: Routine Royal Navy Operations

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“The escorting of warships in British territorial waters and adjacent seas is a routine activity of the Royal Navy. By maintaining a visible and constant presence, the Royal Navy ensures that the Law of the Sea is upheld and prevents hostile action, protecting our country’s interests,” said HMS Portland Commander Commander Ed Moss. -Ward.

“Escorting a Russian task force together with our allies’ forces from FOR THIS shows the UK’s commitment to the alliance and maintaining maritime security.”

HMS Portland, which left its home port of Plymouth on Saturday for its current patrol, had previously patrolled waters off the UK, called at ports in Norway and Sweden, and participated in NATO naval exercises in the North Atlantic, the British Navy said.

Main photo source: Royal Navy

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