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Great Britain. The body of a two-year-old boy was found next to his father’s body

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The bodies of a two-year-old boy and his father were found in a flat in the west of England. The man died of a heart attack, followed by the death of the child “of hunger and dehydration”, according to reports from local authorities and the words of the two-year-old’s mother. British minister Chris Philp speaks of a “heartbreaking tragedy”.

A social worker in the port town of Skegness found the bodies of 60-year-old Kenneth Battersby and his two-year-old son, Bronson Battersby, on January 9 at their home on Prince Alfred Avenue. He entered his apartment after his third attempt in several days to contact the child’s father.

The police have already issued a statement saying that they exclude the involvement of third parties in the case and forwarded it to the coroner. The 60-year-old “died of a heart attack”, which was confirmed by Heather Sandy from Lincoln County Council in an interview with BBC Radio 4. – He was alone at home with Bronson. There was no one else to care for the child, and Bronson also died, she added.

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Two-year-old ‘curled up at his father’s feet’

The boy’s mother, 43-year-old Sarah Piesse, admitted in an interview with “The Sun” that the autopsy results showed that Bronson died “of starvation and dehydration.” – He was found crouched at Kenneth’s feet. He was left in the dark, he must have been terrified and confused – said a family friend quoted by the tabloid.

The two-year-old’s mother also said that the last time she saw her son was before Christmas “after an argument” with the child’s father and her former partner.

According to Heather Sandy, a social worker contacted Battersby, 60, on December 27 and planned to visit the family on January 2. When no one answered the door that day, the employee also checked other addresses, then “contacted the police” and returned to the house on January 4 and 9. As the councilor added, in “cases like this” visits by social workers usually take place every month. However, she did not explain why social services showed up at the house on Prince Alfred Avenue. However, she announced a quick audit of local services.

Minister on “heartbreaking tragedy”

The case of the death of two-year-old Bronson and his father shocked Great Britain. Chris Philp, Britain’s minister for crime, policing and firefighting, told the BBC on Thursday that two investigations were underway that would “get to the bottom of this truly heartbreaking tragedy.” – I am a father myself. When I read about it, I had tears in my eyes, he admitted.

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